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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by beachdude, Apr 14, 2016.

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    Not sure why I'm not following this thread yet lol

    Hi, I like Minus the Bear
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    David’s is closer to mine.

    Omni, Infinity, and Voids are pretty interchangeable for me at 6, 5 and 4. Some really strong tracks on each, but none ever captivated me in full.

    Top three will always be 3) Pirates, 2) Planet, and 1) Menos. A truly incredible run of inventive and emotive albums.
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    Planet of Ice and Highly Refined Pirates are far and away their best in my opinion
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    Menos El Oso
    Infinity Overhead
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    1. Planet of Ice
    2. Highly Refined Pirates
    3. Menos El Oso
    4. Voids
    5. Infinity Overhead
    6. Omni

    planet of ice is just a classic. and the tapping riffs and nostalgic feel of pirates gets me every time. i honestly really like Voids, and it almost takes the number 3 spot cause of the catchy songwriting, but menos el oso was just so unique. infinity has some good songs but leans a bit too generic. same thing with omni, i feel bad putting it last cause it was the first minus the bear album i listened to and i really enjoyed it, but it's just not very memorable to me.
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    Where can we find presale codes for the newly added shows?
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    I'm gonna miss this band.
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  11. I like it! Shaping up to actually enjoy this EP
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    That is a really good MtB song. Stoked for the EP
  13. Song rips
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    I won't post any spoilers for folks who don't want to know, but...

    I just saw the setlist for the farewell tour and it is AMAZING. I will be seeing them in St Louis in two days! I am so pumped.
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    Yeah that looks amazing. Glad they're doing such a long set. So sad I won't get to see it.
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    where'd you find it?
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    So I see their new final ep on Spotify and I’m a bit perplexed. 2 songs were already released as singles and one song is a remix of a song from the previous album? Just seems strange to hype up for months an ep with only 3 new songs (2 of which have been released already) and one remix song.
  19. So awesome that there’s a Sombear remix on this
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    I see they’ve been releasing remixes of their songs across their career so I guess it makes sense, time to listen!
  21. So happy to have a last few great tracks from this band. This feels less like an EP and more like a compilation of songs they didn’t really know what to do with, but it’s the most I’ve enjoyed listening to new MTB since 2010.
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    definitely sad it's only three songs, but they are great songs at least!
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    Great closing EP. Viaduct is bangin.

    Still mulling over going to see them tomorrow.
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    I would highly recommend going to the farewell tour if you’re on the fence. It’s a great set and the band sounds really good. It was a happy send-off, and I’m glad I went.
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    Viaduct is the best song MTB has released in years. Better than anything off of their last 2 albums imo. Looking forward to seeing them next week.
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