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Minus the Bear - Voids (March 3, 2017) Album • Page 4

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by elphshelf, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    I'm a huge OMNI defender. I remember on AP a lot of people didn't care for it.
  2. trevorshmevor

    and use a pretty font Supporter

    Love OMNI
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  3. Deathco_019


    I loved Omni when it came out and I acknowledge that it was responsible for getting me into the band in the first place, along with Menos Do Oso, but that album didn't hold up well for me at all over the course of a few years.

    But it's been years since I've listened to any of their albums so maybe I'll revisit their discography sometime soon. I'd be interested to see if my thoughts/feelings change considering that I think my taste has changed a good bit since 2013 or so
  4. christsizedshoes


    Even though I prefer the style of their older material, I really enjoyed OMNI a lot. It has its own identity and style, and within that context, it's a well-crafted, complete record. Whereas Infinity just feels half-hearted, meandering, and somewhat thrown together for the sake of a new album. I'm getting that vibe from the new one too but need to give it more time before passing judgment.
  5. Aaron Mook Feb 13, 2017
    (Last edited: Feb 13, 2017)
    I like "Last Kiss," "Silver" and "Lighthouse." I think I like "Tame Beasts." But "Robotic Heart" is reeeally bad, the worst song on either of these past two records by far. The rest is rather inoffensive/boring.
  6. Fronnyfron

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    Listened to this blazed out of my mind on Saturday and I was really digging the's definitely lackluster as i'm listening to it now.
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  7. Elder Lightning

    Forever a Lake Effect Kid Supporter

    This certainly isn't their best release, but it's still enjoyable. I get some Days Away vibes from "Call the Cops" and the opener, "Silver", and the closer are all standouts.
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  8. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

    After one listen, the album kinda feels like the band is on autopilot. Nothing is horrible, but it's kinda unmemorable
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  9. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    Yeaaaaa this is where I'm at too.
    I have no desire to go back to it after a couple listens.
  10. It gets knocked enough but I'm listening to Infinity Overhead now just for comparisons sake and nothing here really even matches the energy of the opening and closing sequences of that album. There are some really great tracks there.
  11. christsizedshoes


    IO definitely had a few gems. "Steel and Blood" was such a jam live, but the album version was kinda a letdown, particularly the off key half-assed vocal performance. And "Lonely Gun" is probably divisive, but I can never get it out of my head for a day or two after hearing it (plus it had some guitar tapping for the first time in 2 or 3 records).
  12. I don't think the vocals on "Steel and Blood" are off-key (or half-assed)
  13. adeadgod


    Yeah, I'm standing by Infinity Overhead. Been revisiting it today and "Lies and Eyes" is such a jam, "Diamond Lightning" is HUGE. I don't have a bad thing to say minus the tapping intro on the closer track sounding basic, like something you'd hear in the middle of Guitar Center.

    In comparison to my love for IO, I'm pretty unimpressed with the tracks officially released for Voids so far, though Minus the Bear songs are just good by default.
  14. Worst part of Infinity Overhead is its midsection. "Listing" through "Empty Party Rooms" bogs the album down a bit, but not enough to keep it from being good/fun

    "Toska" is definitely an underrated track
  15. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Speaking of underrated tracks:

  16. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Still need to listen to Voids.
  17. aranea

    Trusted Prestigious

    gonna wait until release day
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  18. adeadgod


    Big fan of "Zeros" too, especially the last half.
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  19. adeadgod


    If they had emphasized on the piano in "Listing," which you can find in the background in the middle of the song, that would have been one hell of a track. But ya know. Can see where you're coming from with "Empty Party Rooms." Nothing too memorable there.
  20. chewbacca110


    Empty Party Rooms is one of the best songs on IO.

    The second half of the song is pure math.... taking away one beat per measure. It's beautiful.
  21. adeadgod


    Fair enough
  22. Deathco_019


    Empty Party Rooms is one of the most forgettable songs on IO for me and I just listened to that album earlier today
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  23. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Last Kiss is so good. Gives me huge sexy-groovy OMNI feels.
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  24. circasurviver


    Replace Heaven is a ghost town with Surf N Turf and I wouldn't have any complaints about IO
  25. circasurviver


    I heard that another member of the band sings some of the songs on Voids. How does that work out?