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Mindhunter (Netflix) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by airik625, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

  2. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    Count me in.
  3. Looks right up my alley
  4. suicidesaints

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    uh, yeah
  5. flask

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    David Fincher doing crime? Automatic watch.
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  6. Shrek

    human skin truck baby Prestigious

    Wow. So in. Fuck yes.
  7. ncarrab

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  8. Dave Diddy

    Grief is only love that’s got no place to go Supporter

    Nice. I've been meaning to read this book before the show came out, not sure if I'll get around to that though.
  9. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    I'll check this one out
  10. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    this looks fascinating and disturbing.
  11. OhTheWater

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  12. Your Milkshake

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    I'm trying to get a feel if this show is gonna be more serialized or if it will have more of an overarching singular plot.

    Do you know how the book is supposed to be?
  13. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Just ordered the book
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  14. kbeef2

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    Always in for anything Fincher's involved with.

    And hey, bonus Anna Torv!
  15. Dave Diddy

    Grief is only love that’s got no place to go Supporter

    No not really, I've pasted the synopsis for the book below. Based on that I'm thinking the show will cover one serial killer per episode but may have some story lines that continue beyond just a single episode, but really I'm just guessing here.

    In chilling detail, the legendary Mindhunter takes us behind the scenes of some of his most gruesome, fascinating, and challenging cases—and into the darkest recesses of our worst nightmares.

    During his twenty-five year career with the Investigative Support Unit, Special Agent John Douglas became a legendary figure in law enforcement, pursuing some of the most notorious and sadistic serial killers of our time: the man who hunted prostitutes for sport in the woods of Alaska, the Atlanta child murderer, and Seattle's Green River killer, the case that nearly cost Douglas his life.

    As the model for Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs, Douglas has confronted, interviewed, and studied scores of serial killers and assassins, including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein, who dressed himself in his victims' peeled skin. Using his uncanny ability to become both predator and prey, Douglas examines each crime scene, reliving both the killer's and the victim's actions in his mind, creating their profiles, describing their habits, and predicting their next moves.
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  16. TJ Wells

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    Zodiac immediately sprung to mind. So excited.
  17. Looks good. Can't wait for this.
  18. nomemorial

    you're in a cult, call your dad

    Zodiac might be one of the best films I've ever seen. Really intrigued by this and interested in seeing Fincher tackle this subject matter again.
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  19. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    Good lord, I'm so stoked!
  20. thedrudo

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    Fincher's best.
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  21. amorningofsleep

    No-rope barbed wire Jones

    Just heard about this and holy fuck am I excited. May have to grab the book also.
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  22. TJ Wells

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    Zodiac is the best film I've ever seen that I can never watch again. The scene with the couple in the woods's too brutal.
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  23. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Supporter

    Didn’t realize this releases next Friday. Getting close.
  24. irthesteve

    formerly irthesteve Prestigious

  25. Deanna

    Trusted Supporter

    Final trailer. Definitely looking forward to this.