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  1. irthesteve

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    Midtown was a band from New Jersey from 1998 – 2005 and three shows in 2014 who consisted of
    Gabe Saporta, Tyler Rann, Heath Saraceno and Rob Hitt.


    Save the World, Lose the Girl (2000)
    Living Well Is the Best Revenge (2002)
    Forget What You Know (2004)
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  2. irthesteve

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    I've always loved all their albums, but re-visiting Forget What You Know again right now and I do think it's one of the better albums to come from the "scene" during that time period. I wish that they continued to make music, but at least we got what we did!
  3. troyplaysbass

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    I dig most of Save the World, but I haven't spent much time with the other two. "Just Rock and Roll" is head and shoulders above anything else I've heard from them.
  4. irthesteve

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    It's totally worth giving a full listen to Forget What You Know, they definitely expanded their sound and scope and it worked very well
  5. Michael Schmidt

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    Living Well Is the Best Revenge is my personal favorite. Glad I got to see this band live before they disbanded.
  6. jorbjorb

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    are they doing anything anymore?
  7. irthesteve

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    Nah, just the 3 shows in 2014. Cobra Starship just broke up though, so Gabe is essentially a free man. The rest of the band is busy with other life/jobs though, so I doubt anything that lasts long would end up happening, maybe some more shows every so often
  8. tucah

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    Forget What You Know is by far their best record, really wish we could have gotten more from them in that vein.
  9. atranslantic

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    forget what you know was their best album that i listened to less then the others...go figure...

    Got the chance to hang out with Gabe back in 03 for a half hour or so, lovely chap. (along with the movielife dudes)

    Can't stand the Cobra stuff.
  10. rebecca


    I listened to Forget What You Know recently, it's such a good album. It's a shame they broke up so soon after they released it, I think they could've made a bigger impact if they had recorded a few more albums.
    I got into them because I liked Cobra Starship in high school and ever since I listened to them it always bothered me that Cobra Starship was more successful. More people should know about Midtown.
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  11. ChrisCantWrite

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    It's unfathomable to me that even Gabe would like Cobra material, but that's just my opinion. Midtown's, "A Faulty Foundation," came on shuffle earlier and blew me away. I wonder what they'd sound like if they were still active.
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  12. bd007h

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    I'm still holding out for a full-fledged reunion now that the god-awful Cobra Starship has run it's course.
  13. atranslantic

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    Faulty Foundation is my favourite track of theirs.
  14. Leftandleaving

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    Ah, Midtown
  15. Tom

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    Fucking great band
  16. Connor

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    Ah Midtown, a time in the past when Gabe Wasn't desperately trying to be Justin Timberlake.... I wish they would get back together for something more substantial than a few shows
  17. ChrisCantWrite

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    @fenway89 Given the current trend, I wouldn't be surprised if this happened.
  18. Tom

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  19. Connor

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    Oh they really would have. Now I'm sad nobody made this happen. The only band I'm not stoked on the tour is Taking Back Sunday... For whatever reason I'm just kind of tired of them at this point.
  20. Tom

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    Yep I could absolutely care less about TBS honestly. This tour would have been so sick if Jimmy Eat World was there instead of TBS. JEW would be main headliner, then Dashboard under them.
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  21. ChrisCantWrite

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    @t_papaccio @fenway89 Ahhh Midtown/Jimmy would've been great additions. I could pass on TBS being that I've seen them more than any other band live, but I have fun every time. I'm going to the Philly date with The Starting Line and Early November. SOO excited.
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  22. Connor

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    @t_papaccio @ChrisCantWrite It really would be so much better JEW might be the funnest show I've seen. Maybe because for years I had never seen them until they toured for Damage. I'm jealous you get to see The Starting Line. I haven't seen them since their farewell show. Hopefully one day I'll see them again. And I'll hold out hope for seeing Midtown one day.
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  23. HueyLewis


    Random request, but does anyone have a link to their absolute punk interview about Drive-Thru records?
  24. Kennedy

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    Havnt listened to these guys in yeeeeears but holy wow junior high nostalgia just thinking about it
  25. Steve_JustAGuy


    Never forget their contribution to the first incarnation of Battle of the Sexes