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    he referred to the first girl who greeted them as his sister, “born on the same day as me,” which could mean a number of things.
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    such as that they will eventually be cliff jumping together
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    I don’t even want to think about some of the possible implications of that if he really was in the cult from birth. Their breeding practices and rules are even more horrifying than the sacrificial/murder aspects to me.
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    Is the music from the trailer anywhere? I want that song
  6. EASheartsVinyl


    The AMA answered a lot of things very specifically which kind of surprised me. Some were questions we talked about here too. He also gives a great list of favorite directors and films right in the middle of it.

    Plus I love the top comment a lot.
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    did he just say he has a comedy movie in the pipeline
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    haha, you ok is the best question you can ask ari
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    He also said he wants to make animal movies and that’s where I have to draw the line.
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    i like how he says that head trauma will always have a place in his films
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    Just got out of seeing this, I’ll post more thoughts when I get home but I really loved this
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    Longer cut of Midsommar and hints for his next movie!

    Also the next comment in that thread is a link to all of Ari’s short films
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    AKA The Haxan Cloak, who’s a very good artist
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    I watched a couple of those shorts and I diiiiiiiid not like them at all wow. Glad that some of the edgelord tendencies there seem to have worked themselves out in the past few years.
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    So some thoughts:

    -This movie was drop dead gorgeous, loved the rich color palette. I wish more horror films would have that. The set design was really next level, honestly some of the best sets I’ve seen in horror period.
    -Christian was a total douchebag and I was smiling too when he went up in flames.
    -I rather enjoyed the concept of letting go of people who hurt you.
    -The score really elevated this movie, check out The Haxan Cloak if you want to hear more from the guy.
    -The suicide scene was wild and my jaw hit the floor when the family members went straight up Gallagher on the old man’s head.
  16. Dan Quinlan


    well this was something. just a super unsettling, trippy experience.

    aster has got it going on.
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    im so into this movie, even more than Hereditary. i keep checking twitter to see if there is new info on that goddamn bear in cage
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  19. Dan CiTi Jul 11, 2019 at 9:07 PM
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    Dan CiTi


    man this was the biggest let down in a movie I've had in a really long time, barring last year's Cold War.
    The cinematography, art direction, music, and camerawork were all impressive and beautiful but literally everything else...oof. rotten.
    that dance sequence towards the end was stellar, but just heightened for me everything else about the film that felt so ham-fisted, laughable and shallow. Not to mention it's yet another American movie depicting foreigners as threatening, scary, insidious, and so on. yuck...I thought that trope was exiled. But maybe I was expecting way too much.
    I can't even imagine a longer cut, this was already such a languid, barren movie.
  20. DarkHotline

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    I thought the Americans were worse than the native people, since two of them wanted to exploit their culture for their own gain and the other one didn’t fucking care about any of it and was just there to be high and fuck people.
  21. yung_ting Jul 11, 2019 at 9:43 PM
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    knew I was gonna disagree with that post as soon as I got to the Cold War slander
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  22. Dan CiTi


    I mean, as *people* in the fiction of the movie they sucked, that's obvious. They were all typical shitty fuck-all college dudes (somehow PhD candidates but cannot pick up on the fact that these Swedish people are Creepy Cultists in the Hills Out to Get Them or when they hear a blood-curdling scream that reverberates around the village they are not super spooked/freaked out or pushed to investigate it really hah) that fell out of any horror movie of the last 20 years.
    I'm more talking about at a higher level of the movie itself. If this took place in Kenya, Peru, or the Solomon Islands people would be outcrying at how racist it is and all. And yes, I know Sweden was not colonized by the US, France, Belgium, Portugal, or Great Britain buuuut this is still an American white boy making a movie depicting foreigners in a ridiculous way, and it's still an age old trope really without any reverence or prestige.

    I guess I was expecting something more unconventional. Because underneath the lovely aesthetic, underneath was really just another horror movie about a Sad White Girl with a shitty boyfriend who doesn't care about her. And that wasn't even driven home or depicted in a satisfying way. Comparing to something like the ending of Jordan Peele's Get Out, which had such a satisfying, fist-pumping ending sequence/scenes among other things that movie got so right.
  23. Dan CiTi


    Cold War could have been arguably my favorite movie of all time if it lived up to its potential. my god. I was literally in shock for days at how sad I got at how disappointed I was in that movie.
    How do you set up such an interesting plot, setting, and aesthetic and then take these characters and make them so underdeveloped and unlikable? It's like they were completely missing huge parts/scenes of the movie that would have enriched it wildly. That time at the end the male lead was arrested and such for wanting to go back to get his love on the other side of the iron curtain? how about feeling the pain and anguish for years incarcerated just be with her again? nope, let's skip that entirely to him being free and at one of her concerts and reunited. It was like almost every chance they got to emotionally involve you in either lead character, they just side stepped it completely. So bizzare and infuriating. I'm sure Bresson was rolling over in his grave on that one.
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    Not to mention that the core concept of the movie isn’t FOREIGN CULTURE BAD, it’s about a woman dealing with trauma and being in a one sided relationship with a selfish person if you really look at it. The festival in many ways is a device to help her come to terms with and cope with her loss, that death is not only inevitable but can be viewed in a different way and ultimately accepted. It’s also a commentary on the rise of far right ideals in not just Sweden and Europe but globally, hence the rigidness of maintaining old and outdated ideals. I’m not saying you’re wrong because it’s ultimately your opinion but I firmly disagree with your dissent.
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