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  1. OhTheWater

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    I need to see Skate Kitchen. Minding the Gap isn't really a skateboarding movie, as much as it is. It's infinitely better than this and one of my favorite, most challenging films of the year.
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  2. Gnarly Charlie

    Good guy, but a bad dude

    I guess you could say that. It felt accurate to me in showing skate youth culture, both the Comradery Especially with characters constantly shouting homophobic shit. It certainly captured the youth run amok vibes of skateboarding in your teens.
  3. riotspray


    The problem I had with Mid90s was that there were no consequences for anything really. The kid takes a super hard fall, drinks, does drugs, has sex, etc. but in the end it's all good.

    Plus they're just constantly using slurs which didn't really seem necessary.
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  4. imthesheriff

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    I mean did you forget how it ends? And yeah the slurs were a lot but it’s realistic for that time.
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  5. riotspray


    I remember how the film ends, but Sunny is the only character that's really harmed in the car accident, and the movie ends with the assumption that even he will be fine given a little time.

    Also, despite the fact that his new peer group, except for Ray, are basically all negative influences, his mom now sees them as "good guys" because they showed up to the hospital to support their friend.

    And sure people, especially young people, used homophobic/racist terms during the mid-90s, but I felt like the movie went a little overboard with it. It wasn't really necessary to the story or in developing the characters, and honestly, despite the title of the film, this isn't really a period piece, it's a coming of age movie.

    I dunno. I enjoyed watching this; just noticing some of its flaws.
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  6. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    fianlly watched this last night. Happy I didnt see it in themovies for $14, but red box for $2. It wasnt terrible, but not great. Soundtrack made it the best and time period. I like movies like this and The Wackness
  7. tdlyon

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    I finally watched this tonight and I fucking loved 99% of it, I just wish it ended a LITTLE better. Felt pretty abrupt, I would have added a couple more scenes for a bit more closure

    Everything else was great though, the acting was really convincing, especially for a cast of mostly non-actors (as a longtime fan of Odd Future Na'kel really surprised me in this, he did a fantastic job), the music was great and I absolutely loved the way it was shot. Definitely think I'm going to pick up the Blu-Ray

    I'm fully onboard with Jonah Hill the serious filmmaker
  8. Zach


    This was good
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  9. popdisaster00

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    On Amazon Prime Video now
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  10. popdisaster00

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    Liked this a lot, don’t really have anything to add outside of what’s already been discussed but I really enjoyed this despite a few flaws
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  11. This was ok, nothing great.