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Mid Year 2019 Lists

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by whitenblue88, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    Is it mid year list time yet
  2. whitenblue88

    The rivalry is back on

    1) Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride
    2) Jade Bird - Jade Bird
    3) Sigrid - Sucker Punch
    4) OWEL - Paris
    5) Local Natives - Violet Street
    6) Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Pt 1
    7) Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life
    8) Kings Kaleidoscope - Zeal
    9) AURORA - A Different Kind of Human (Step II)
    10) King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Fishing for Fishies

    Hozier - Wasteland, Baby!
    Billie Eilish - WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP...
    Nilufer Yanya - Miss Universe
    BAILEN - Thrilled To Be Here
    The Japanese House - Good At Falling
  3. jdr2187 Jun 27, 2019
    (Last edited: Jun 27, 2019)


    1. Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest
    2. Kevin Morby - Oh My God
    3. Big Thief - U.F.O.F
    4. Ian Noe - Between the Country
    5. Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
    6. Jamila Woods - Legacy! Legacy!
    7. Crumb - Jinx
    8. Cate Le Bon - Reward
    9. Aldous Harding - Designer
    10. The Comet is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery
    11. Bedouine - Birdsongs of a Kill Joy
    12. Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
    13. Lambchop - This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You)
    14. Julia Jacklin - Crushing
    15. Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel
    16. The National - I Am Easy to Find
    17. Joel Ross - KingMaker
    18. Little Simz - Grey Area
    19. Daniel Norgen - Wooh Dang
    20. Theon Cross - Fyah


    Olden Yolk
    The Tallest Man on Earth
    Greg Ward Presents Rogue Parade
    Damien Jurado
    Craig Finn
    Sarah Tandy
    The Delines
    Cass Mccombs
    Steve Gunn
    Malibu Ken
    Damon Locks
    Yugen Blakrok
    Jeff Tweedy

    Most anticipated for 2nd half of 2019.

    Purple Mountains
    Hiss Golden Messenger
    Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
    Tyler Childers
    Alex Cameron
    Ashley Henry
    Joe Pug
    Matthew E. White
    John Fulbright (hopefully)
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  4. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    If you ask most of the major publications, it’s been mid-year list time for at least a month.
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  5. stijn_p

    Regular Supporter

    1. Copeland - Blushing
    2. The National - I Am Easy To Find
    3. Brutus - Nest
    4. The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature
    5. The Murderburgers - What A Mess
    6. I Was King - Slow Century
    7. Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles
    8. Masked Intruder - III
    9. Millencolin - S.O.S.
    10. Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars
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  6. SPine


    1. Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride
    2. Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Part 1
    3. Local Natives - Violet Street
    4. Wallows - Nothing Happens
    5. Khalid - Free Spirit
    6. PUP - Morbid Stuff
    7. The Raconteurs - Help Us Stranger
    8. The Maine - You Are OK
    9. Mat Kerekes - Ruby
    10. The Black Keys - Let's Rock
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  7. owenlongsworth


    Nothing has really grabbed me this year,
    1. Biffy Clyro - Balance, Not Symmetry
    2. FIDLAR - Almost Free
    3. American Football - LP3
    4. Thom Yorke - ANIMA

    But some I’m really looking forward to:
    The Black Keys, Blink-182, Ceremony, The Early November, The 1975
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  8. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

    1. Emarosa: Peach Club
    2. Copeland: Blushing
    3. Tallies: Tallies
    4. The End of the Ocean: -aire
    5. The Maine: You Are OK
    6. Owel: Paris
    7. Defeater: Defeater
    8. Employed to Serve: Eternal Forward Motion
    9. We Never Learned to Live: The Sleepwalk Transmissions
    10. Pillars: Cavum
  9. .K.

    Trusted Prestigious

    Bad Religion “Age Of Unreason”

    Thave been a lot of good short releases/RSD/EP’s/Alt Version releases from Thrice, Menzingers, Justin Pierre, Julien Baker, Donovan Woods, New Found Glory, Simple Creatures, All Get Out to name a few.

    Bad Books, Dangerous Summer and a few other albums.

    Cookie the Clown was a disasterpiece. Innovative and disturbing. Can’t think of a better way to describe it, even though I may never listen to it again for a long time (except for maybe a song or two).

    Really looking forward to Menzingers full length, Noah Gundersen, Jimmy Eat World, Frank Turner, Blink 182, Simple Creatures, NOFX, Austin Plaine, Lagwagon, City and Colour, possibly Julien Baker although that could in 2020 Like I believe Brian Fallon and Ryan Key will be.
  10. atlas


    1. Narco Debut - Strange & Ever-Changing Depths
    2. The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature
    3. PUP - Morbid Stuff
    4. State Faults - Clairvoyant
    5. Copeland - Blushing
    6. Owel - Paris
    7. Chon - Chon
    8. Two People - First Body
    9. Fuming Mouth - The Grand Descent
    10. Secret Band - LP2

    been a pretty top loaded year for me thus far tbh. Banks record in a few weeks should in theory crack the top 5 at least
  11. SpyKi

    I've been in love with her for ages Supporter

    1. Copeland - Blushing
    2. Busted - Half Way There
    3. Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate
    4. The Maine - You Are OK
    5. Otoboke Beaver - Itekoma Hits
    6. Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
    7. Perma - Fight Fair
    8. Mannequin Pussy - Patience
    9. The Japanese House - Good at Falling
    10. Little Simz - Grey Area
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  12. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious

    My current favorite, to my surprise, is Ariana Grande's thank u, next.

    Obviously loving having new Carly Rae Jepsen in my life.

    Other stuff I've enjoyed includes Copeland, The Japanese House, Billie Eilish, Newsboys, Citizens, Tallies, probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

    Weirdly haven't spent any time with The National, which in theory I should love. If you'd told me a couple years ago I'd have listened to Ari & the dang Newsboys more than The National, I would've laughed, but hey, life is funny.
  13. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

    I can’t believe how much I come back to the Tallies album. They have found a way to be capture an older sound yet stay modern. They are also very receptive on social media and love talking about the album.
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  14. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    1. Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
    2. Venom Prison -Samsara
    3. Queen Zee - Queen Zee
    4. Fresh - Withdraw
    5. Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion
    6. Coffee Breath - Waking Up To Early
    7. Ithaca - The Language of Injury
    8. Tiny Blue Ghost - Mend Again
    9. PUP - Morbid Stuff
    10. Rico Nasty - Anger Management
    11. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana
    12. Wristmeetrazor - Misery Never Forgets
    13. Better Oblivion Community Center - Better Oblivion Community Center
    14. Denzel Curry - ZUU
    15. Insignificant Other - i'm so glad I feel this way about you
    16. Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles
    17. Personal Best - What You At
    18. SOB X RBE - Family Not A Group
    19. Frame of Mind - Irieshun
    20. 03 Greedo - Still Summer in the Projects
  15. mattfreaksmeout Jun 28, 2019
    (Last edited: Jul 3, 2019)

    Trusted Supporter

    Top list:
    1. The Maine: You Are OK
    2. Pup: Morbid Stufd
    3. Mannequin Pussy: Patience
    4. Kevin Abstract: ARIZONA baby
    5. Say Anything: Oliver Appropriate
    6. Ariana Grande: thank u, next
    7. Anderson .Paak: Ventura
    8. The Japanese House: Good At Falling
    9. Tyler, the Creator: IGOR
    10. Vampire Weekend: Father Of the Bride
    11. Wallows: Nothing Happens
    12. pronoun: I’ll show you stronger
    13. SWMRS: Berkeley's On Fire
    14. Billie Eilish: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
    15. Jade Bird: Jade Bird
    16. Mark Ronson: Late Night Feelings
    17. The Raconteurs: Help Us Stranger
    18. Perma: Fight Fair
    19. Daniel Caesar: Case Study 001
    20. Jenny Lewis: On the Line
    (I haven’t listened to Flume or Carly Rae yet for some reason so those could both possibly make this)

    Singles & EPs:
    1. Tierra Whack singles (Only Child, Clones, Gloria, Wasteland, Unemployed)
    2. Miley Cyrus: She Is Coming EP
    3. Simple Creatures: Strange Love EP
    4. Teamonade: This Is Your Only Warning EP
    5. Justin Courtney Pierre: Open Mic at the Lo Fi, Vol. 1
    6. Bad Bad Hats: Wide Right EP
    Miley Cyrus and the Tierra Whack both have some of my favorite releases this year so I had to include them somewhere.
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  16. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

  17. mattfreaksmeout

    Trusted Supporter

    I know I’m judging myself. Basically I kept waiting for the right time to listen for the first time because I wanted to give it the respect it deserves (not just listen at work or on the train), but I never found the time. I’ll make it a priority this weekend!
  18. laurahphoto

    Newbie Supporter

    Probably forgotten some but so far the ones that stand out are:

    Better Oblivion Community Center - S/T
    The Japanese House - Good At Falling
    American Football - LP3
    Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life
    Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
    PUP - Morbid Stuff
    Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties - Routine Maintenance
  19. The Black Parade

    Now I Know This World Isn’t Spinning Just For Me Prestigious

    2019 AOTY RUNNING LIST/ Mid Year checkpoint

    1. The Dangerous Summer- Mother Nature
    2. The Maine- You Are Ok
    3. The Story Changes- To Hell With This Delicate Equation
    4. Dark Spring- More Than Suffering
    5. Bring Me The Horizon- Amo
    6. As Cities Burn- Scream Through The Walls
    7. Sleep In- The Stars On Your Ceiling
    8. Ceres- We Are A Team
    9. Free Throw- Whats Past Is Prologue
    10. The Cranberries- In The End
    11. The Damned Things- High Crimes
    12. Tyler, The Creator- IGOR
    13. Bad Suns- Mystic Truth
    14. Owel- Paris
    15. American Football- LP3
    16. Alice Merton- Mint
    17. Emarosa- Peach Club
    18. Copeland- Blushing
    19. Billie Elish- When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

    EPs and Oddities

    1. Simple Creatures- Strange Love
    2. Silverstein- Redux: The First 10 Years
    3. Yours Truly- Afterglow
    4. Thrice- Deeper Wells: Palms
    5. New Found Glory- From The Screen To Your Stereo 3
  20. cherrywaves


    Fuming Mouth - The Grand Descent
    Jamila Woods - LEGACY! LEGACY!
    Folamour - Ordinary Drugs
    Cave In - Final Transmission
    Solange - When I Get Home
    Judiciary - Surface Noise
    Flying Lotus - Flamagra
    Mannequin Pussy - Patience
    Full of Hell - Weeping Choir
    The Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons
  21. maryp1603

    Hey. Supporter

    Current top ten:

    1. Alex Lahey - The Best of Luck Club
    2. Charly Bliss - Young Enough
    3. Better Oblivion Community Center - S/T
    4. The Maine - You Are OK
    5. Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life
    6. Free Throw - What’s Past is Prologue
    7. Holding Absence - S/T
    8. Emarosa - Peach Club
    9. American Football - LP3
    10. Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
  22. ComedownMachine

    Prestigious Prestigious

    My list is very basic

    1. Vampire Weekend- Father of the Bride
    2. Ariana Grande- Thank u, next
    3. Tyler, The Creator- IGOR
    5. Thom Yorke- ANIMA
    6. James Blake- Assume Form
    7. Kevin Abstract- ARIZONA Baby
    8. Weyes Blood- Titanic Rising
    9. Carly Rae Jepsen- Dedicated
    10. The National- I Am Easy To Find
  23. disambigujason

    Trusted Supporter

    I could round out a top 10 but this group is my definitive top tier so far. Year got off to a pretty slow start for me.

    1. Copeland - Blushing
    2. La Bouquet - Sad People Dancing
    3. State Faults - Clairvoyant
    4. The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature
    5. The National - I Am Easy To Find
    6. Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next
    7. Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms

    Honorable Mention:
    1. Dead Inside - Now Fear Begins EP
  24. Made this list a few weeks ago, could easily go much longer but figure I’d save that for EOTY. Always just try not to think too hard about the mid year stuff

    1. The Japanese House - Good At Falling
    2. Tiny Ruins - Olympic Girls
    3. Anderson Paak - Ventura
    4. Julia Jacklin - Crushing
    5. Charlie Collins - Snowpine
    6. Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life
    7. HOMESHAKE - Helium
    8. Lucky Daye - Painted
    9. Barrie - Happy To Be Here
    10. Boogie - Everything’s For Sale
    11. OWEL - Paris
    12. The Maine - You Are OK
    13. La Bouquet - Sad People Dancing
    14. German Error Message - Mend
    15. Unwed Sailor - Heavy Age
    16. LITE - Multiple
    17. Lazerbeak - Luther
    18. Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning
    19. Ceres - We Are A Team
    20. Raveena - Lucid
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  25. aliens exist

    pure on main

    15 lists posted itt so far and only 1 includes the actual aoty (charly bliss - young enough). smdh
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