Microwave – “Keeping Up”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 19, 2018.

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  2. defmytones


    “Much Love” gets a lot of spins from me, album kinda came out of no where and has a unique feel to it. New song keeps that vibe going. Good stuff.
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  3. Colin Your Enthusiasm

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    Getting some AGO vibes on this one. Speaking of AGO funny coincidence that they announced their new record and premiered a new song today
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  4. Chase Tremaine

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    Me likee.
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  5. RileyWitiw

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    love it
  6. RileyWitiw

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    okay since I posted Ive been listening to this nonstop. I LOVE IT.
  7. CMilliken


    Love this! They’ve already released two solid albums. Can’t wait for the next. Instant vinyl preorder.
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  8. Kellan

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    I love this, and I love Microwave, but I do miss the energy of Stovall
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  9. Malatesta

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    wasnt feeling it til those classic microwave harmonies kicked in
  10. russvanderhoof

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    Great track. Caught me off guard.~
  11. Honeymagnolia


    Awesome cover of Georgia on my mind on Spotify too.