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Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Melody Bot, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Dirty Sanchez

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    Merged into Bing-Hoo.
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  2. Malatesta

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    started using a work computer and it struck me A) how slow large companies take to advance tech - i can't use Firefox or even update IE from v8 because of .exe admin restrictions B) how that inertia has an effect immediately. this comp still runs Windows 7, Outlook, etc - but Windows 8/10 are absolutely not designed with businesses in mind, but prior to that it seems like every Windows OS was and they only switched over design strategies because they wanted an edge in the app/handheld devices race
  3. Brenden

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    I thought the same thing when I started my job.
  4. Our cash registers are still running an enterprise version of an OS that came between XP and Vista. Tell me that's not a security risk.
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  5. Dirty Sanchez

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    Sounds secure to me.
  6. Bash in Windows is the best thing ever. Not good enough to get me to switch back, but still great.
  7. airik625

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    Finally bought a new laptop today. Decided to go with the Dell XPS 13 Signature Edition.

    The reviews for it have been surprisingly high. It sounds like it's the best Windows laptop around right now. Plus, that infinti display is a thing of beauty.

    It gets here Thursday and I can't wait to power it up.

    Does anyone else own one?

    Later in the year, we plan on getting an all-in-one Mac. So this should be the perfect companion piece to get me by and for traveling.
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  8. jorbjorb


    I dig windows

  9. cryates

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    Not sure I totally understand the point of this, but this is BSOD now? It's changed quite a bit from the last time I saw it.

  10. airik625

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    this is my first time hearing about the blue screen of death. Is it supposed to be common?
  11. TotesAndGoats


    It will make my life easier (I hope, I haven't looked much into the implementation). I regularly have to switch back and forth between a unix terminal and a windows terminal. If I had a dollar for every time I've been stumped as to why "ifconfig" won't work on my windows box, I could probably pay off my student loans.
  12. airik625

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    What's bash?

    Also, anyone know any neat tips/tricks for Windows 10 that the average use might now know about?
  13. Makes sense to me. When you get a blue screen, you immediately want to look it up, but of course the computer you usually use to look things up is currently blue screened. So, you pull out your other computer you have on hand -- your phone -- and instead of googling some random thing, you just scan the QR code. Looks a bit ugly, but it's functional.

    Not as much anymore, but once upon a time it was far more common, hence why it has such a catchy nickname.
  14. TotesAndGoats


    BASH is a unix shell. Basically, an old school command line interface. It's important for people who are migrating their linux services to places like Azure.
  15. Also important for those of us who just like to use the command line to do basic file operations and such. I spend 99.9% of my time in my terminal, text editor and browser.
  16. Brenden

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    Excel question. I created a macro and now every time I go to open exce it tells me personal.xsl or whatever is being used. Do I want read only or to notify. How do I fix this without deleting the macro?
  17. Timmiluvs

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    Could also ask this in the programming thread since a few people there know about Excel.

    On the note of your question, idk unfortunately. I dont mess with spreadsheets much.
  18. aranea

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  19. airik625

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    Yes. Dell XPS13.
  20. aranea

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    Best buy doesn't have one at that price :( have a rewards card so I'd prefer to buy from there
  21. airik625

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    Ah gotchya. I paid $800 for one but it wasn't through Best Buy. An amazing laptop though if you can figure out a way to get one.
  22. popdisaster00

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    Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn for about $26b
  23. ChaseTx

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    Every laptop I've ever owned was around $300. I don't have a working one now, but when I eventually get one maybe I'll spend more
  24. aranea

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  25. aranea

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