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Michael Keaton May Join 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Cast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 20, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot May 20, 2016
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  2. billyboatman

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    I read that he was just back in the negotiations.. would be awesome if he was the vulture tho.
  3. efp722


    Don't under stand the link to Vulture? Has it been said before? Just because he played Bird-Man and because SM4 was going to be Vulture does not mean we need to make Keaton Vulture.
  4. Luke Nelson


    Vulture has been a rumored villain since the press picked up that Keaton was in negotiations for the role a few weeks ago. Shortly after it was reported that negotiations had fallen through. A new story broke today claiming that Vulture will be the main villain of the movie right before Variety and other outlets started running the story that Keaton was back in negotiations for the film. He most likely will be playing Vulture but I wouldn't count out the possibility of him being Norman Osborne either, hopefully in more of background villain role to be built up throughout the course of the new movies.
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  5. efp722


    Wow. Excellent. Thank you! I think I am a bit torn about this. I've been hearing Vulture for years- all the way back to SM4 with Sam Raimi. I dunno, I feel like this is just a bit contrived, as if Sony has been pushing for Vulture for years and won't stop till it happen. Maybe it's just me-admittedly, I've never really cared for the character, but there has got to be better villian out there, besides Norman Osborn, that Spiderman could face in his first movie.
  6. Luke Nelson


    I'm sure the powers that be just want to use a villain that we haven't seen on the screen before. If Sony was really dead set on using him then we would've seen him in ASM. I think Raimi was keen on Vulture because he's a classic Spidey villain and he had an awful time being forced to include Venom, a more modern villain in SM3. Based on Spider-Man's suit in the MCU and the Civil War post-credits scene I think this iteration is going to skew more towards the early comics so Vulture makes a lot of sense. Plus the idea of developing the flying suit from Chitauri tech recovered from the New York battle in Avengers is a great way to tie Spidey into the larger MCU. Micheal Keaton is really on top of his game right now too, so whoever he's playing I'm sure he'll be a welcome addition to this universe.
  7. Casadilla


    If the Keaton deal falls through again, the next best choice I think would be John Malkovitch.
  8. efp722


    Oh no doubt that MK won't deliver.
  9. He would make an awesome, creepy Vulture
  10. backbynewyears


    Wasn't Birdman basically solely dedicated to mocking superhero movies? Specifically Marvel movies? Funny that he's going to be in this.
  11. Eric Wilson

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