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    TWIABP is the definition of tight. Gracious.
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    the booklet for the blue has a different image in the center! very cool
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  3. Anthony Brooks

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    Ugh where are miiiiine
  4. Mary V

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    Do you have the blue? I wanna see
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    Great show. A few technical difficulties at first but it all came together. “Timothy Hay” was the last song of the night which i did not expect, but it was probably the highlight. Only disappointments were too few Brother, Sister songs and they didn’t play any of the back half of [Untitled] barring “Tortoises”.

    So glad to have finally seen this band live.
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    Looking forward to reading this:
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    Been meaning to read the first part. It's good right?
  8. awakeohsleeper

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    It's good but go into it thinking this is a memoir by Paul Matthew Harrison and his relationship with Aaron Weiss, rather than a biography of Aaron Weiss if that makes sense. There's still some brilliant insights into Weiss and mewithoutYou.
  9. Argus

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    I'm excited to see some people getting their vinyl - hopefully mine comes this week. I've also been tempted to order the deluxe version, just because I love this album that much and I love the white on white on white on white packaging.
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    Yeah, Clever Words is great, it’s just wayyyy more about Paul than it is about Aaron or the band.
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    Could someone please point me in the direction of that guy who did those in-depth lyrics analyses of Pale Horses and Ten Stories? Can't seem to find it. Has he also done something for Untitled yet?
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    He’s done the EP but the full length write up is still pending. His name is Dave Daugherty and he’s oh doubters on Reddit. Can’t find a link on my phone - I’m pretty sure I posted it here when it was first uploaded in October. If you can’t find it here or Google I’ll link it when I’m on my laptop. Sorry to not be more help!
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    Thanks, I’ll wade through the thread when the kids are in bed then. Much appreciated!
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    my lp came today. so pretty
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    Tonight’s the night!
  19. Argus

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    What color did you get? And did you get the EP on vinyl, too?
  20. bedwettingcosmo

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    just the LP. I got the red and its really good lookin.
  21. drewinseries

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    Completely forgot I bought this, and see a vinyl package with mewithoutYou on it on my door, and assumed it was for my upstairs neighbor since we dig similar music. I thought, dag I should have got that. Turns out it was mine tho.
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    Mine still says Unfulfilled.
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    ^^^ me irl
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