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mewithoutYou, Cursive, and The Appleseed Cast Announce Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 5, 2019.

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    mewithoutYou, Cursive, and The Appleseed Cast have announced a new tour.


    05/04 Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line
    05/06 Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall
    05/08 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
    05/09 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
    05/10 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
    05/11 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore
    05/12 Lancaster, PA @ Tellus 360
    05/14 Boston, MA @ Paradise
    05/15 Providence, RI @ The Met
    05/16 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
    05/17 Jersey City, NJ @ White Eagle Hall
    05/18 Washington, DC @ Black Cat
    05/19 Virginia Beach, VA @ Elevation 27
    05/20 Richmond, VA @ The Broadberry
    05/22 Cincinnati, OH @ Woodward Theater
    05/23 Louisville, KY @ Headliners
    05/24 Maquoketa, IA @ Codfish Hollow

  2. benschuyler

    Regular Prestigious

    HUGE bummer that this isn't coming to the west coast.
  3. bmir14

    Regular Supporter

    That May 11 date in Philly is actually Balance's last show.
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  4. artbynickferran

    W O W that lineup!
  5. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    Fantastic lineup, and I'm super excited for new music from the Appleseed Cast
  6. thesollopsist

    Pro Sleeper Prestigious

    Wow. What a tour. Bring this to the uk please
  7. Dan O'Neill


    YUP, I’ll be there.

    Balance, Appleseed Cast, mewithoutYou, and Cursive. Unbelievable.
  8. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    Yep, I’ll be there. What a great lineup
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  9. hermanthehermit

    Paris, Texas Climate Accord Supporter

    Haven't listened to much Cursive but mwY and Appleseed are two of my all-time favorites. Wish this had a Seattle show (though I know mwY has been through here a ton lately).
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  10. ForestOfAllusion

    Old Aesthetic Supporter

    No west coast. Bummer. I move west and get all these amazing tours but then miss stuff like this.
  11. WHAT. A. TOUR.
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  12. Dan O'Neill


    Based on your tastes, I think you’re gonna really dig Cursive. You’re in for a treat.
  13. hermanthehermit

    Paris, Texas Climate Accord Supporter

    I'll have to give them a shot! Any recs for where to start?
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  14. lowlevel0wl

    Lurking Since 2005

    Start with The Ugly Organ, then I'd go with Burst and Bloom EP, and then Happy Hollow. From there, it's all up to you! Great band. If they add west coast dates, I will definitely be attending.
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  15. Dan O'Neill


    Ugly Organ and Domestica are my two easy recommendations. Lowlevelowl has some solid choices as well.

    Oh man, I bet lowlevelowl is stoked for this tour, based on that username, haha. Nice.
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  16. anotherhead4hydra


    Doea anyone know if this is a co-headliner? The poster has Cursive first but everywhere I've seen has mewithoutYou first.