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MetalSucks Explains Why They Won’t Support This As I Lay Dying Reunion

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Few of these comments even mention the fact that the whole reason As I Lay Dying broke up in the first place was because frontman Tim Lambesis committed a crime… which, if you need to be reminded, was TO TRY AND HAVE HIS WIFE MURDERED. He took real, concrete steps to pay a man to kill Meggan Lambesis, and he ultimately failed only as a result of his own ineptitude.

    I’d been weighing if I even wanted to post about this reunion and give any publicity to this awfulness, but I wanted to publicly give my support to MetalSucks for taking this stand. Good for them. This is the right thing to do.

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  2. AgonizingFir

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    I've seen conflicting reports and was wondering if it’s just Tim and a new backing band or are some of the other members involved? I would hope they aren’t.
  3. Ryan

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    I heard the song, and honestly something about the vocal (not the clean part, that's clearly Josh Gilbert) has me wondering if it's someone different. It doesn't 100% sound like him.
  4. shawnhyphenray


    I honestly don’t see how any one in their right mind could continue to support the band. I can easily separate the person from the music, but something this severe is different
  5. Bass0820


    I wouldn’t have even known about a reunion if not for this post. I heard he wanted to get the band back together but I thought he was going to get different people. Even still, why would anyone want to play music with this shithead ever again? This legit makes me angry
  6. tomtom94


    Unless something's changed since last year:

    - The other members are still under contract to As I Lay Dying, but are focussed on Wovenwar (source)
    - Tim Lambesis plans to resurrect As I Lay Dying with an entirely new band (source).

    In any case I think it's fucked up. This is Vikarnes level.
  7. bodkins


    Never listened to them and surely wouldn't now, but just went to their Facebook page to see who exactly is a part of this (other former members, just Tim?). All I saw was a teaser vid that cuts when the guy grabs the mic. Like, what the fuck. "Is it the guy who tried to have his wife murdered.... guess you'll just have to wait and see!"
  8. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Here's my thing: What happens to the bands that choose to open for them on their inevitable tour? Shouldn't they get some heat thrown their way, too? Honestly, if I were a musician, I'd elect myself to open for them just so I can shit on Tim every night until I get kicked off tour. A lot of these bands today would be too scared to do such a thing.
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  9. Nate_Johnson

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  10. tyramail

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    I just don’t feel like there is anything to be said lol. They’re choosing to work with a guy who tried to have his wife killed, you can’t beat around that bush.
  11. Nate_Johnson

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    I agree but nothing is confirmed. I think Jamey has made a very valid statement that I tend to agree with.

    If they are choosing to work with him then they will be held to the same standards and consequences.

  12. Wait nah.
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  13. justin.

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    So the old AILD members are not with Tim and the new AILD is made up of new guys?
  14. AshlandATeam


    That article is absolutely perfect. It's weird to live in a world where a website called 'Metal Sucks' is exemplifying a better moral compass than 90% of the rest of society, but that's 2018.
  15. justin.

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    If his wife and kids forgive him then more power to them and I hope it gives them closure but I won’t use that as a reason for me to support his musical career.
  16. justin.

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    The metal community showed that they can actually be a community when Mitch Lucker died. I really don’t want bands openly supporting AILD and it splitting groups and fans apart. There are so many other bands to tour with besides AILD.
  17. Chuck!


    Any band who tours with them deserves heat, and the scene should never accept otherwise. Fuck everything about this.
  18. Nate_Johnson

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    Confirmation that it is the original lineup.
  19. Ferrari333SP

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    Music video for the song is now on their Facebook
  20. Ferrari333SP

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  21. Nate_Johnson Jun 7, 2018
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  22. Iamhollywood315


    So where do we draw the line when it comes to forgiveness. People do a lot of fucked up things on drugs, alcohol or other substances and also those that are mentally ill. So do we throw the person in the gutter for the rest of humanity or do we allow them to rehabilitate and give them a second chance of life. It’s a very confusing and complicated matter. But of course the nature of everyone one here the pitchforks will remain no matter what. I’m processing this shit myself as well so i don’t know how I feel
  23. Ferrari333SP

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    Yeah I'm really interested to see where this discussion goes; the justifications the band members give will be pretty interesting to hear
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  24. justin.

    請叫我賴總統 Supporter

    I think it just depends on the person. I without a doubt think prison time could have changed him and gave him time to think about his actions like he said it did. For his current wife, ex-wife, children, and future children I will pull for him to be a better person than he was before. Music wise, I just won’t support him with my money although on a human-to-Human level I pray for the best of him and his family. The MetalSucks article gave a good account on it.
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  25. Jason Tate Jun 7, 2018
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    A second chance and forgiveness does not have to mean being allowed back into a music community and world of privilege like touring the world, having a record contract, and making a living on making music.

    A different case, but I think a similar conclusion can be drawn:
    I guess, nobody told the coach that there is no constitutional or even statutory right to play baseball and Heimlich, last I checked, is allowed to do things other than play baseball. [...] But most American sports fans aren’t going to read that and then take the next step of, say, lobbying for juvenile-justice reform. Enough studies have shown that sex-offender registries don’t make anyone safer and the stigmatization from such lists encourages recidivism. People already knew this, it just wasn’t interrupting their baseball games. [...] I doubt that criminal-justice and juvenile-justice reform will be the takeaways from this SI story for any significant number of people. Nobody will be lobbying for the young men and women who can’t throw a 96-mph fastball to get a second chance.

    We can believe in forgiveness and second chances without that meaning "you get your old life and celebrity back." And, as a music community, we get to decide what kind of community we want and what we want that to look like and what messages of who gets to be included in that community we want to send.