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Metallica Up to Number Two on the Charts

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 26, 2018.

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    Metallica’s Hardwired… To Self-Destruct hits number two on the charts this week:

    At No. 2 on the new Billboard 200, Metallica’s Hardwired… To Self-Destruct roars 42-2 with 65,000 units (up 413 percent), of which 63,000 were in traditional album sales (up 480 percent). The former No. 1 set zooms back up the list following sales generated from a concert ticket/album sale redemption offer for the next U.S./Canadian leg of the band’s WorldWired Tour.

  2. Former Planets


    I’m surprised it took artists this long into the digital era to drive chart positions (and album sales, I guess?) like this. Seems like the grown-up version of when I was 15 and used to download my own songs over and over again on to raise chart positions.
  3. red8ge


    cheat codes
  4. Stephen Young

    Regular Prestigious

    Didn't Jay Z have a #1 album because every download of Tidal came with it? Or something like that.
  5. Orla

    little old lady Prestigious

    Magna Carta Holy Grail was made available for free download to Samsung users and went platinum upon release, so yeah, immediately #1 on the Bilboard 200
  6. Stephen Young

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    That's it. Got it.

    Did U2 start at #1 when all iPhones were automatically sent that awful record?
  7. Orla

    little old lady Prestigious

    Nope. From what I understand, Samsung purchased 1 million copies of MCHG at $5 each to then distribute the album for free, so it charted, but Apple simply gave U2’s Songs of Innocence away.