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Messier Signs With Side One Dummy

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 1, 2021.

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    Messier has signed with Side One Dummy Records.

    Beauty and anger. Hope and despair. Tension and release. For messier, it’s all about balance. “Having that full range of dynamics is really important to us,” says singer/guitarist Lauri Huumonen. “Loud and soft, light and dark; songs need to have a little bit of everything in order to feel human.”
    Though Huumonen and his bandmates—bassist Antti Orajärviand drummer Kristian Jokilahti—grew up in northern Finland, all three developed a passion for American and British music from an early age. The trio’s songs walk a tightrope between gritty aggression and delicate sensitivity, tackling disappointment and disillusionment with sharp insight and sardonic wit, and their performances are similarly bold and unpredictable, oscillating between moments of raucous chaos and reflective tranquility.

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    Congrats, Mark
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    sideonedummy is back?
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    I thought they were done. They had quite the roster a few years back.