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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. DarkHotline

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    Almost had a full on anxiety attack at work, two buses full of kids came in and all of them at one time freaked me the fuck out. My anxiety is starting to get worse.
  2. windowbirds

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    I haven't been to a professional (yet), but I know I have temper issues and depression, my brother has bipolar II, and i have cousins with anxiety and OCD. well done, me.
  3. xapplexpiex

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    I was diagnosed with bi-polar a couple weeks ago. It kinda makes sense though.
  4. alert=danger

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    I have rapid cycling Bi-polar. I've definitely been through some scary times where I've kinda had to take a step back and look at what I was doing. I once spent over £5K in a week, on various holidays and a bunch of other pointless stuff.
    However I find with the medication I'm on now, as well as excerpting regularly I'm now pretty balanced.
  5. bedwettingcosmo

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    had something not particularly daunting at work that i had to do today but i was freakin out about it so i took some of my ativan prior. ended up getting out of it last minute so now i'm just sitting at home feeling like a zombie. :thumbdown:
  6. PepsiOne

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    Having an especially rough go of it lately and I'm in the market for a therapist. Is there a Yelp for therapists out there? That'd be dope.
  7. AelNire

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    I saw a new therapist today for our 2nd visit and she told me I have PTSD and not bipolar and that I should stop taking my meds because she wants to try edrm and flashback therapy. I told her I've been working w/ my psychiatrist for the past 3 years to get to where I am now. I got up and left. $140 down the draaaaain.
  8. Zoshchenko

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    Hey y'all, I want to say how grateful I am to see a thread like this. I wasn't too active on the old forums despite having various accounts over like 8 years, but I'm hoping to be more active here and seeing the kind of community outlined in the giant post by Jason makes me want to come out of my shell and post more.

    It's weird how social anxiety extends to the online world. So many times on so many different forums, I have started to write a comment to someone, only to then reread it and delete it all. That's something I want to overcome.

    Recently I told my mom that I want to start seeing someone about managing my anxiety. It was a really big step for me and I was surprised and thankful that she took it well. I'm currently a college student and we have on-campus mental health resources, which I've used, but they have long wait times and I think I'd benefit from a private provider who I can see more regularly.

    My question is: How exactly do I go about finding someone to see for anxiety? Are there keywords to search? Are there Yelp! reviews for providers? If I was back at home, my mom could help, but I'm a state away and not sure how to navigate these waters.
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  9. chcougar1


    Yikes. Hopefully you aren't going back to this therapist. They should work together with your prescriber. EMDR is also somewhat controversial but it does work for people sometimes.

    This isn't perfect for everyone but the type of interventions you work through in counseling is generally only about 15 percent of the potential impact from counseling. 30 percent is rapport with your counselor and 40 percent is the environment you live in outside of the counseling office. Find a counselor that you feel is effective and that you are comfortable with!
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  10. chcougar1


    Do you do well teaching yourself things? There are a number of books available if you are a reader.
  11. yeknom

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    i'm in the same boat. just lost someone close to me, message me if u want.
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  12. BirdPerson

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    ugh this is why i have been putting off finding a therapist and a shrink out here. it's so hard to find someone who fits you, at least on the first try, and it's not a cheap endeavor.
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  13. yeknom

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    it's worth it if you can. make phone calls first.
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  14. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    that's what I have as well
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  15. AelNire

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    I wasn't trying to comes across like you shouldn't try therapy. I just haven't found the right person yet and wanted to vent.
  16. BirdPerson

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    oops i just deleted my post. i know it's worth it. been in and out since i was a kid and my mom was making my appointments. i have enough medicine for the next 4 months so that's not a huge issue, but with the rest of the stuff in my head some days i just want to play xbox and looool i'm 33 what am i doing
  17. BirdPerson

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    oh Erin no way. i 100% get the crap part of finding a good one. god my therapist back in NC was so great. except thanks health insurance for only covering 20 visits a year. which heh, was never enough.
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  18. yeknom

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    hah. dude, we are much more similar than you think. I lost my mom. Some days I work so hard to be a perfect working citizen. Others, I just play PC games and reach out to lost friends. No rhyme or reason. Anyway, I know what you feel. It sucks, might help to talk to someone else in a similar situation.
  19. TheNateM

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    I just joined and this was the first thread I'm going to write in. As someone who deals with depression on a daily basis I think its hard to feel comfortable talking about. I'm not asking for advice or anything, but how does one stop having abandonment issues? Is it something you can grow out of even if you should have grown out of it a long time ago? I have this ability to care, while guarding myself in the same process. I hope someone else has this problem that way I wont think I'm the only one.
  20. Texas Flood

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    I'm a hypochondriac. I take anti-depressents to deal with my anxiety.

    If I can give any advice: DO NOT stop taking your Meds without talking to your doctor. I did for about 5 months and it set me back even further in my progress because I thought I was "normal" again.
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  21. Kiana

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    I'm sorry you're going through this bb. I feel you so hard. I used to be so weird and obsessive about my looks in relation to others. I wouldn't put people down really aloud but if I walked into a room with other women I had to see if I was the skinniest one in it and I was constantly comparing my looks to everyone else and I was just so jealous and insecure. It's basically one of the worst things I've ever done. But I don't mean to make it about me. In regard to your other post, I just know it is so hard to have a mother that makes you feel terrible when that's the last thing mothers should do and if you ever need to talk to a fellow person with mommy issues I'm always here! Good luck on your journey, sis!
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  22. Benjamin Lee


    This is where I'm at. My insurance dropped my doctor maybe a week before I went there for a check up/refills, so I had no time to get a new doctor before I ran out. That was around thanksgiving, and I've been off ever since; but recently I've started to basically lose my mind. I'll get paranoid to the point of hallucinating, and have panic attacks almost daily. The withdrawals were the worst thing I've ever experienced in my life, so I really don't want to get back on the medication, but I think I have to. Wishing more and more that I could be "normal" everyday. haha
  23. AelNire

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    If there is one thing we ever have in common it's the way our moms treat us lol :heart:you!
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  24. Texas Flood

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    It's tough man. I was on my honeymoon in Mexico when my panic attacks came back. Talk about being at the wrong place when my comfort zone is my house.

    I would love to try something else besides my Meds. Mainly because I don't feel like myself when I'm on a stronger dose.
  25. BirdPerson

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    i think this probably every other day. two thoughts: my shrink never took insurance but we had a deal worked out where i'd pay in cash for half a session. that way she'd get to make sure i wasn't, idk, whatever a doc needs to make sure about after 4 years of prescribing me the same stuff, and i'd get my scripts. two: if you're having that rough a time day to day, i think you can go to the ER or urgent care and see about getting a script, but let me ask my GF (she's an ER intake clerk) to be sure about that one.