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Mental Health Thread • Page 344

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Man, this hits true.
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  2. Jason


    Same here. Everyday I wish go back to high school and just re-do every aspect of my life.
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  3. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Holy shit.

    This. Hands down.
  4. Ken

    So I lament. Till I reset. Prestigious

    Not quite high school for me, but I wish I had a shot at my early 20s again. I’d do so much differently.
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  5. I'm so fucked up right now. Boss asked me to come to an in-person meeting I had nothing to do with just so I could tour the facility. Told me not to wear a mask when we got there. Spent half the meeting complaining that people need to get over COVID because his grandma had it and "she was fine" (even though the client we were seeing was in the fucking hospital with it) and spent the other half claiming the capitol freaks were leftists dressed as Trump supporters.

    I'm so mad at myself for taking my mask off. I feel like a coward. I cracked under the pressure because there were three people in the room joking about it. I took tomorrow off because I was supposed to have a psych appointment, but now it's been postponed a month so my meds are gonna be fucked and I get to spend my three day weekend praying I don't get COVID, or give it to my fiancee (who works at a nursing home and just got the vaccine a few days ago), or my cats. On top of it all, he's implementing a new daily report system where we're supposed to track everything we work on down to the half hour, so even venting here is taking a toll on my day.

    I'm frustrated. I'm crying. I'm so fucking tired of this and I feel like there's no way out that doesn't make my life even more hellish for the foreseeable future.
  6. Jason


    Hang in there man. I'm lucky to have a job that requires us to wear masks, but I have run into a few people who refuse to wear a mask and laugh at me when they see me wearing one.
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  7. I’m so anxious when making new friends. I have a headache. Overthinking a simple text makes me feel so silly, why is my brain wired like this?
  8. xDumpweed182x


    Does therapy work? I'm drinking and thinking thoughts that I don't usually think. I feel like I'm not where I should be in life. I know in the morning I'll go back to doing nothing about it, so I figured I'd message people I don't know about it just to get things off my chest.
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  9. colorlesscliche

    Trusted Prestigious

    As far as "working", I don't think therapy is for everyone, but it's a good start. I went for months and months, and I still don't feel "better".
  10. I'll throw in my two cents and agree that while it may not be for everyone, it helped me immensely and gave me the tools to dig myself out of a hole of constant anxiety and episodic depression that I still struggle with, but have a largely easier time handling now.

    It won't cure anything, but it will promote internal growth that can help you overcome.
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  11. bigmike

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    My co-worker got home after a doc appointment and his dog wouldn't move from this one spot on the floor and my co-worker said he wanted to stay home with him today because this was odd behavior. Then like two hours later he said his dog wanted to go outside, walked to his favorite spot of the yard and laid down and passed away. And it's fucking me up cause my cat is like 13 years old and that's my fear like everyday even though she's had checkups and she's healthy but i'm like hyper fixated on it at the moment and it's derailing my day.
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  12. djwildefire

    Regular Supporter

    Just wanna say - I get it. I’ve been anxious about my two 15 year old cats ever since one of them was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease in the summer. The other one has been sick his whole life with chronic rhinitis. It’s been such a shitty period of my life and I really don’t know how I would cope if they died. Luckily, they’ve been responding to medication and are doing well, but it’s hard knowing that any day they could take a turn for the worse. I try to tell myself just to be thankful for every day I have with them, and that helps a bit. Plus, 13 isn’t that old for a cat, and since she’s healthy, you likely will have quite a few years left together. Cats are amazing companions and I’m glad you have her and she has you.
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  13. bigmike

    Trusted Prestigious

    Thank you. It got better on Friday when I was able to get home and see my cat. It also helps that my cat has been extra affectionate lately which is out of her character so it’s been a great change of pace.

    I’m sorry your cats are sick. Glad to hear they’re responding to medicine well though!
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  14. Carmen SD


    It’s never been my day, my week, my month, my year, my life. I’m suppose to suffer. Nothing good has ever happened to me in the 30 years I’ve been alive. Nothing was ever meant to be. I’m suppose to be sad, lonely, and miserable. That is my punishment.