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Mental Health Thread • Page 340

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. xapplexpiex

    the past is a grotesque animal Supporter

    My brother tested positive today. We are super close and I’m pretty worried. His main symptom is sore throat and isn’t as bad as a lot of people. Keeping positive thoughts though.
  2. Sundays are always so bad for me. I'm so behind at work, even dedicating a half day today to catch up isn't giving me any relief. Feel like I'll never get a break, and it leaves me even less motivated to do other things I need to do, like clean the house or cook dinner.
  3. Carmen SD


    I have major trust issues. Not only did my parents constantly lie to me growing up (still can’t trust some things my dad says), but my ex lied to me all of the 2 years we were together. It’s very triggering. If you can’t trust someone who’s suppose to be family now can you trust others? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to talk about my traumatic past. It worries me. If I find someone that wants a relationship I don’t know how to address it. It was an issue for my ex me not wanting/not ready to talk about things, but that was because he made comments that showed me he wasn’t going to be understanding. Not sure if anyone’s been in this situation. Are you ok with a SO just not wanting to talk about things. Do you give them the time they need no matter how long it is. They’ll talk when they’re ready. Is it a big issue.
  4. PureBlueSF

    Have I lost a part of me? Supporter

    I learned that my brother moved to Rochester sometime recently in an obvious move to be closer to my dad. I had no reason to go out that way but now i have a reason to actively avoid it.

    It disgusts me that he's been taking my dad's side in everything and it aggravates me that there's even "sides" to begin with. I dunno if any of you read the article about him i linked to on the last page, but he did shit that's objectively wrong. But my brother has to be a passive aggressive shitstain because i swear he fucking gets off on it or something. And meanwhile my mom and i are struggling so much and no one gives a shit.
  5. atlas


    I am intensely aggravated at basically everyone who speaks to me (my fault not theirs), my brain sounds like white noise 24/7, and I just want it to stop
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  6. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    I've been feeling extra hopeless and depressed lately. Biden's victory felt great, but the shitshow that has followed it is just ... terrifying when thinking about the future of our country. The pandemic isn't helping, either. It sucks to feel like I need to cut so many people out of my life for their hateful and toxic views.

    On one positive note, I've been doubting my bipolar 2 diagnosis for years and have felt like such an outsider, but I found a bipolar 2 support subreddit and it means so much to see people with the same diagnosis going through very similar symptoms and feelings. Threads like this are fantastic, but if anyone has a very specific disorder, I highly recommend looking for support from people who share that same experience. It helps me feel understood and justified in my diagnosis.
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  7. waking season

    Trusted Prestigious


    I don’t really know where else to share this. I woke up to an anxiety attack this morning and had a sense of impending doom. I’m house sitting for my dad out in the woods/on a lake. When I went to sit down in the office to work today I noticed this owl stuck in the netting my dad has to protect his chickens. At first I didn’t realize it was stuck and tried shooing it away. When I realized it was tangled in the net I went out to cut it free. I was wary that it might panic and claw/bite me but it was very calm, I’m sure it was exhausted from trying to get free but I’m convinced it knew I was trying to help. I teared up when I finally cut enough of the net that it could fly away. I’m not a spiritual person at all but I was/am deeply moved by this. My dad is away for a few more days, if I wasn’t here the owl probably would not have made it. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say but I’m so thankful to have been able to help the owl.

    Edit: I feel weird posting this picture because I took it when the owl was stuck but it was able to get away
  8. Wow, that is a hell of a story and for me a pretty powerful picture as well. It would really affect me if I had to do it, I would of been terrified. I've never gotten a good look at an owl before.
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  9. waking season

    Trusted Prestigious

    Neither had I, it was so much bigger than I would’ve thought. So happy I was able to save it while none of the chickens were harmed. I don’t think I’ve had anything make me feel like this before. I’ve been struggling a lot with the monotony of covid life and this was such a stark reminder that we all matter.
  10. Vase Full Of Rocks


    This pandemic is mentally beating the shit out of me. It's so hard to deal with and it's only going to get worse in the winter.
  11. Jason


    I feel you. These past few months I've been spending more time than usual just thinking about death; like what happens once you die. Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation?

    And I just saw a headline where I believe it was an ER nurse stating that patients on their death bed due to Covid were denying it's existence, still insisting it's a hoax.
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  12. Vase Full Of Rocks


    Those thoughts are in my head like every second of every day. My brother, grandfather, my parents friend and my mother's aunt (who she was very close to) all died within months of each other last year and I'm just like...well fuck. I just can't bring myself to believe in anything after life at this point. But I'm trying to make life matter if I can and I'm doing a shit job at it. My anxiety about death sends me into attacks and I had to go to the ER. This year blows. Last year blew.

    I can't believe they think it's a myth or something. I just don't understand that. It's so so frustrating and just sad at this point.
  13. inspectorkemp

    shittiest taste 2k20

    So apparently the experts of the DSM-V are currently in big discussions about whether or not ADHD belongs on the autism spectrum which would quite frankly explain so, so much about me. Part of me hopes it's what they settle on in terms of definition because it would make my life so much simpler. Thinking back on all the bizarre social interactions I've had that I couldn't explain where I didn't understand what was going on or what I did wrong in this new light almost makes me wanna cry. Like, I'm not just "crazy." I knew that already with my ADHD diagnosis but all the same.
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  14. Melbourne lifted restrictions four weeks ago and I’m still experiencing anxiety around going out as severe as I did in high school
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  15. inspectorkemp

    shittiest taste 2k20

    Here's a fun trick. Goad someone trying to be helpful into a fight, make her cry, tear apart her arguments when they start falling apart because she's CRYING, humiliate her and make her feel and look like the crazy one all while telling her she's gaslighting you.
  16. Fuck Alzheimer’s
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  17. Found out yesterday that my father, whom I haven't seen in 23 years and haven't spoken to in over 20 has COVID. He lives in a nursing home and suffers from numerous health problems related to years of alcohol and drug abuse. He's apparently fine so far, but I don't really know how I - or how to - feel about it.

    It brings up the reality that, sooner rather than later, he's going to be dead and I'm not sure how I'll process that.
  18. Jbent

    Trusted Supporter

    I am not sure why I'm posting this but maybe I will after I write this. I've lived through many different kinds of struggles whether they were self-inflicted or caused by something else, I have grown into a person that I can accept, forgive, and love.

    Somehow this year I finally pulled my shit together enough to feel good about marrying the woman I've been with since we were teenagers. What I'm having trouble with now is different. Her sister died tragically in July and yesterday her mother passed away suddenly as well.

    To watch a person you care about more than your own self be in extreme devastation is so fucked up. Helpless doesn't do it justice, I am just numbed out and sad while trying to be "strong" for her. I feel disingenuous speaking aloud because I don't believe the shit I'm going to say. I got no words for comfort and it's awful. Truly fucked to be shown how little control you ever had at all. From the thought of something good to say by the time I go to speak I realize it's wrong and is not going to matter. The inability to say "its ok" or "it'll be alright" and mean it is troubling me deeply.

    I guess this is me coming to terms with the fact I got no one to turn to and ask for help or advice. Trying to process what's happening while hurting immensely for her is surreal and I'm letting my personal bullshit get in the way of consoling and idk being a baseline sympathetic and decent human. Having nothing to say while your brain is whipping thoughts from every direction is terrible. There is so much reality right now that it's foriegn, however fucked that seems.

    Sorry to ramble, I appreciate anyone who read that :heart:
  19. jkauf

    Trusted Supporter

    Some of this may not apply since this is just my personal experience and I don’t know how she’s been handling/reacting to what happened in July and now yesterday.

    Either way, I’m terrible at knowing what to say or how to console someone myself, especially when I was someone that had never really experienced grief and loss during my formative or adult years.

    However, my Dad died suddenly this past February and I realized (maybe this is just me) that the best thing in those situations is for people to just be there to hug, hold, and listen; the “generic” condolences/affection and gifts (food, flowers) do go a long way too. There were also times where I didn’t want to see anyone, or hear anyone talk, or respond to calls/texts, though.

    Don’t worry too much about what to say. Let her know you’re there for her whenever she needs to talk, cry, scream, yell, be held, whatever. Share any positive/funny stories or memories you may have of them. Be understanding and don’t take any mood swings or harsh reactions personally. Accommodate her in any way that may help ease stress right now or take her mind off things. And if she isn’t already, I’d highly recommend therapy.

    Condolences to her and you.
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  20. Jbent

    Trusted Supporter

    Thank you very much for the advice and kind thoughts, sorry about your father too.

    I agree that support while grieving is incredibly essential to coping with loss, however large or small a gesture it may be.

    Humbling though, such a whirlwind. Healthy & safe end of the year everyone
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  21. This is so awful to hear, especially during a truly horrific year for everyone. I would also bring up seeking some form of therapy and professional help. Just bring it up, in my experience it's never good to push someone hard to go to therapy.

    I've shared my experience on here before with others, my father died unexpectedly while i was in active addiction, he just had to fire me from his company 6 months beforehand and we were not on good terms when he passed. My absolute saving grace was that we did talk 3 days before he passed and mended the bridge a bit. I was completely devastated when it happened. My other saving grace was entering rehab two months after and having the right people to talk to (therapy but also 12 step work in my situation). Having the right people to be fully transparent with followed by the input I received was the only reason I was able to properly grieve and move forward.

    Your S/O really needs that person or several people to be completely transparent with. Like @jkauf said, I wouldn't be worried about saying the right things, just be there to listen and support. I think finding any kind of normalcy in these situations is extremely helpful, whether that is going to do something 'normal' or just having a regular fun conversation.

    I'm no professional at all, I just have my personal experience and have worked in drug/alcohol rehabs for years and have spoken with/tried to help people who have all types of trauma. I think universally the most vital thing for everyone is to be able to open up completely with at least one person, of course it's important that person is qualified to listen and give feedback. (For recovery it's one sober addict helping another)

    Like I said, when you feel comfortable just mention it and plant the seed, she may or may not be open to it. Absolutely everyone grieves differently and there is no formula or timeline for it. My heart goes out to you and your S/O, losing my dad was the worst thing to ever happen to me, it's been over 5 years and I still cry about it. Add losing a sibling and I just can't fathom it. Just know there is a path your S/O can walk to heal from it and even become stronger than she ever has before.
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  22. Jbent

    Trusted Supporter

    I appreciate that @oldjersey honestly means a lot to me. I haven't drank alcohol or used hard drugs for 6 years this March as I too am an addict and have had many opportunities through therapy, legal troubles and rehabs/programs to deal with my issues, which I am so thankful for. I understand well that there is no clear-cut or perfect way to help somebody going through hell. Part of me is certain she will be ok she's tough as shit, but the louder part of me is fucking hurting having to watch it up close
  23. Oh you're sober too! Wonderful, I apologize if I went overboard with advice, this is just one of the few areas on this website I feel very comfortable discussing and giving my point of view on.
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  24. Jbent

    Trusted Supporter

    No way, your insight is very helpful and I appreciate the fact you took the time to respond and articulate something that was hard for you, seriously.

    Not trying to come off as "woe-is-me" but I'm sure you know what I mean when I say, I got no friends, lol like at all which I'm completely at peace with. Whether it was my choice or theirs I've had to sever basically every relationship along the way. So in these times it's just strange to have to rely on my own head to steer me in the right direction
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  25. I get it, for me all of my friends are a thousand miles away in NJ so I use people i've met on here for a lot of my social interaction these days, especially right now when I really do nothing besides work and go food shopping. I don't think you did anything wrong it's just one of the realities of entering your 30's.
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