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Mental Health Thread • Page 324

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. waking season May 24, 2020
    (Last edited: May 24, 2020)
    waking season

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    I’m tired of feeling the need to preface my fear of this with saying I don’t want to get others sick. That is true, I don’t want to get others sick, but I’m fucking terrified of getting sick and dying. I’m also really exhausted of this country’s obsession with productivity and making the most of our time. Stop shaming people for not being “productive” when getting up and making it through the day is an accomplishment in itself.
  2. ComedownMachine

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    I’ve acknowledged that my depression is 99% external, and because of that I’m pretty sure I’ll be depressed forever as long as the world is the way that it is
  3. supernovagirl

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    That’s why I feel so hopeless all the time fam
  4. eight30


    I realized today that I am WAY more sad than I thought.
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  5. Signifire

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    Seeing a new doctor tomorrow to talk to them about getting anti depressants. I feel so lonely all the time. I need this to work or at least help me get out of this rut that doesn’t seem to ever end.
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  6. Mcrx


    I'm seeing a new t tomorrow. Cross my fingers it doesn't rain during my session though as I planned to walk outside for it! (Phone conference)
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  7. Shakriel

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    good luck!
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  8. Shakriel

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    Just had a panic attack as I was attempting to get a little nap in. It was over whether or not my physical issues are due to my anxiety or not. By and large I'm better, but I don't have an answer about what caused everything and that uncertainty kind of broke me down a little. All three issues began within the same few days of each other and one seems to have been solved by exercising again and working on reducing my anxiety and getting sleep again, the second issue is miles better than where it was but I don't honestly know if it's completely gone. I'll have days of improvement and then one day that's like a backslide and I panic and then the next few days are even better than the ones before the bad day. the problem is I just honestly don't know what normal is anymore and it causes me to sort of break down crying here and there and I can't stop thinking about it. The third issue is it's whole other thing and is either the result of my anxiety or like a neurological thing, though the symptoms of it follow the much less worrisome issue.

    I'm doing better, but it's hard at the same time because I don't have all the answers yet and not knowing kills me. I saw a doctor about the first two things and in a couple weeks I have my first call with a psychiatrist to get me on some medicine. I really hope I'm able to talk about all this during the call and it's not simply them prescribing something quickly.

    I'm doing my best to take it one day at a time, but I just miss whatever I had before March ended and fucking destroyed me, not that Jan-Mar was all that great for me anxiety-wise, either.
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  9. ComedownMachine

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    everything is getting too much for me to handle and I’m the closest to killing myself than I’ve ever been. I can’t even go on the internet or watch tv without seeing horrible thing after horrible thing
  10. EASheartsVinyl

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    Yeah, everything that’s happened this week has made things a lot worse for me personally too. Trying to stay aware and do whatever I possibly can to help from home (which isn’t much I know) while also not throwing myself completely into overwhelming and terrifying information is such a hard balance. Is there anything you can watch or do that is more distanced from the news? Even just to take your mind off of it for a short time?
  11. Kellan

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    Suddenly got pretty sad. I’ve been thinking about my grandparents who are both 85+. I live less than 30 miles away but I don’t drive and I haven’t seen them since the pandemic started. Part of the reason I moved here was to be closer to them.

    my grandpa has dementia-like symptoms. When you see someone frequently it’s kind of a frog in boiling water situation, where it’s easy to overlook any kind of mental deterioration. But I’m afraid when I’m able to see them again it’s going to be really evident.
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  12. Mcrx


    Therapy went as well as can be expected. I mean, it was just the introduction, but she let me explain the situation and she asked enough questions to know show she was invested and trying to understand. But any solutions will have to wait until next time. Still, she is very nice and seems like a good fit. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a bit more progress next week.

    Also chatted with my general practitioner today. He's been handling my meds since I've been stable on just antidepressants (no mood stabilizers needed anymore atm). But because I still have some anxiety and these obsessive tics or BFRB (body focused repetitive behaviors), he increased my Zoloft some. So, I have to keep an eye on this that it doesn't trigger any unhealthy elevated moods. Hopefully it will just be helpful though.

    Oh, and I'm a bit sad that I napped from 7 to 10pm and might be inclined to stay awake late when I'm trying to get on a sleep schedule...but maybe ill be alright. I'm still tired. Therapy and a early morning doctor call has been draining I guess! :P
  13. Kiana

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    I'm such a people pleaser that I'm not forthcoming to my therapist when I'm struggling because I want her to think I'm always doing well which is so dumb
  14. Shakriel

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    she hasnt caught on to that?
  15. Kiana

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    I'm sure she has. I tend to keep things kinda surface level. I get into some of my stresses and anxieties but keep it fairly light. Def easier to do with phone appts too. I think I was a lil more open with in person appts
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  16. Jake W

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    Today is a bad day lol
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  17. Shakriel

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    understandable. hopefully you find a way to push forward and be more open/honest since that'll be more helpful I imagine (I have my very first ever session in a couple weeks so i don't really know tbh), but you already know that. :heart:
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  18. Signifire

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    Today is bad. Three days in to taking Prozac and I had to leave work early because I was having a mental breakdown. I want to disconnect my phone and crawl into my bed and die.
  19. Shakriel

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    Sorry to hear you’re struggling. Pills can take a while to take effect, which sucks. I know it took like 4 weeks or something for what I took. Not looking forward to starting something new (provided that even works, which isn’t always the case. My sister has had to try a few before finding something that worked and didn’t give her weird side effects too).

    I’m always around if you need to talk
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  20. EASheartsVinyl

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    I’ve been doing mostly ok the last few weeks by just staying in my routine and trying my best to deal with everything that I can control, but the last few days have been so hard and the external factors of what’s happening are making me super afraid that I’ll backslide. I feel so useless and helpless and I’m not sure how to keep it from snowballing. Nighttime is the hardest by far.
  21. Shakriel

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  22. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I feel very guilty that I'm not mentally capable of engaging in all that's going on and it just becomes numbing and surreal,and it's hard to know how I can actually make a difference
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  23. xapplexpiex

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    I don’t have any friends or relationships except for my fiancé and I’m convinced my coworkers hate me. I don’t belong anywhere.
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  24. ChaseTx

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    My daughter is going back to her mom's apartment tonight and she didn't want to go. She said she doesn't like going there. Her mom is also pregnant again (she has three kids already, my daughter included, living in one room, not to mention different dad for each one) and she is saying she doesn't want another sibling. I am sure I'll have to go back to court and get full custody sooner or later. She already almost got kicked out of school last year because her mom always takes her late or sometimes not at all.

    On top of all that, my daughter is feeling a lot of self loathing and going through things
  25. Shakriel

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