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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. I messaged him on fb but no response, i'm quite sure some other people on here have been in regular contact with him. Can't say definitely though.
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  2. Crying and letting it all out to someone can be so god damn cathartic sometimes, hope this makes things better for you
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  3. PureBlueSF

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    I was doing really well for a while until everything started falling apart because of the pandemic.

    Needless to say, I'm not doing so well anymore. I'm out of work until at least the 1st of April. I just hope I can keep myself together until then because this whole situation is making my anxiety shoot through the roof.
  4. Shakriel

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  5. waking season

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    I’m ok with isolating so far but I’m frustrated beyond belief with the world, this fucking political system, capitalism, the fact that this pandemic is happening and people I know aren’t taking it seriously, etc. I feel so helpless and pessimistic that things will continue to get worse and it’s really weighing on me right now.
  6. stories

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    my first day out of work and i couldn't get myself to do much other than sleep or lie around. it's as if the world is slowing down here. i did manage to shower today which is good. hopefully i can get out of the house tomorrow. this will be a long two months off work.
  7. inspectorkemp

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    Chiming in with agreement with feeling helpless. After everything, all the energy, the campaigning, the work to feel better and get better mental health practices it just feels like when you try twice as hard, the world beats you down three times as much. I'm on day four of isolation. Lucky enough to still at least have work in a quiet building with no more than like, six people. We'll see if that continues. All I know is despite that I'm not sure how much more of this insane world I can take.
  8. Jake W

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    Actually managed to sleep last night. It's amazing how much better I feel instantly after a decent sleep. Just hoping it's not a one off.
  9. waking season

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    Woke up this morning and my asthma (I hope) was acting up. I’m now at the stage where I’m convinced this thing is going to kill me so that’s fun.
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  10. Petit nain des Îles

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    Last night at work, the tension was too much I felt like I was holding back tears throughout. Couldn't think clearly and consistently perform the tasks I'm supposed to correctly. Some colleagues were still not taking it seriously, and not respecting any distance. I can't do this anymore
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  11. waking season

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    It’s definitely asthma/allergies because my inhaler is working and I don’t have a fever but there’s always that voice deep down saying I’m fucked
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  12. K0ta

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    Needed to hear this despite how negative I am still feeling. Trying to remember that the fight doesn't end here.
  13. Jake W

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    It's getting more depressing here every day. It would be bad enough if the British government didn't care about anyone, but they've made it clear that they're only care about and are willing to help rich people and its so fucking depressing. I don't think I can cope with it getting any worse than it already.
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  14. Sending so much love to you all. Maybe we could work out a group Skype call or something? Online communities are more important than ever. Nobody here should feel alone.
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  15. Jake W

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    Is it bad that the "stay safe remember to socially isolate" posts you see everywhere I really starting to be to me? Like that's why I personally don't feel safe right now and it just seems like no one understands that side of it cares?
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  16. Petit nain des Îles

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    Well, my workplace is shutting down tomorrow and for at least 15 days. That will lower some of my anxiety at least
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  17. waking season

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    I like this idea! I’m doing one with some college friends tonight and I think it’ll be really important to be able to virtually interact and hang out during times like these.
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  18. Mcrx


    I'm soooo very sorry for this, but I'm gonna have to duck out of this thread for a bit, till this corona bsht is over. It's just too much "heavy" as someone put it and triggering. Surely there are worse things happening in the world and in individuals' lives, but this one hits me personally, not in the sense that I or anyone I know has it, but just that circumstances that affect me are happening.

    It's just a mess and I'd like to avoid it! I'd offer to chat about other things if I was tagged or PMed, but I'm not sure anyone here feels comfortable or knows me well enough yet for that so... I dunno. But just know that I care. I DO care about people and how they're getting by in all this, but I just can't handle that specifically. And if you have other issues, I want to re-emphasize what others have said here,

    YOUR issues are JUST AS VALUABLE and VALID as what's going on in the world!

    So with that, I just want to send my best wishes and regards to all of you. Hopefully this passes really soon so that we can get to chatting again, er, I mean I know this is a heavy thread...I guess I mean so I can help comfort you.

    Peace and love!
  19. shogunTORTOISE


    Everyday I dread going to work and I'm only on a day 2 of an 8 day run. Corporate refuses to lock the doors to the public so we still have people coming in a perusing through books/games/going to our cafe and getting pissy when we tell them to take their food/drinks outside. They continue to cut my part timers hours as well as mine cause of the shortened times we do stay open. I may just take the route of self quarantine since I'm at risk as well as the people I live with. I won't get paid but it's better than risking my health and the health and lives of others.
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  20. Kiana

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    My work is having me do home visits even if families are sick. If they're sick we just have to meet outside or they have to stand in the doorway. I was complaining about this to my roommate and she said I should be grateful I'm even getting paid right now since others are not, and like I am thankful, but I still think it's bs that I feel like it's "when" I get sick not "if" because of these practices. Like I get I have to see families, but idk. I'm not gonna be able to see them if I'm sick and end up in quarantine either.
  21. awwgereee

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    I’ve been very overwhelmed lately with the news and have restricted how much time I spend online in an effort to take care of myself and be more present, but I’m really not doing well. Everything with the coronavirus is kicking my anxiety into overdrive. To make things worse, the future with my husband’s work seems to be falling apart and it’s really scary and unsettling, especially since we have a baby due in a couple months. Also, given my health history I have to go to the hospital fairly often for appointments on top of my regular prenatal appointments, but part of me doesn’t want to out of fear of carrying something home and getting my kids sick. We’ve been self isolated/socially distant for almost a week now, and while I know it’s the best thing to do, it’s been extremely lonely and makes reality feel even more bleak. It just feels like all of the stress is piling on and like there is no end in sight. I feel like I’m barely hanging on most days.
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  22. bigmike

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    My brother is an adult probation officer and he just got the “work from home” mandate but he’s still required to do his field check ups AND do the drug tests at the end of the month. Like, it’s cool he has a paycheck but also stupid that he, and you, still have to go out all the time.
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  23. Kiana

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    Yeah it's an interesting thing to be an "essential" employee. Nice to get paid and still have work, but also stressful, constantly encountering sick clients, and trying to find a good boundary. A lot of other service providers in the community can switch to Skype or phone calls or TeleHealth but we can't.
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  24. jkauf

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  25. waking season

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    My roommate doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously at all and it’s stressing me the fuck out. I think I’m just going to hole up in my room except to use the kitchen.