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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Shakriel

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    You’re not getting paid? Fuck going in at all.
  2. Carmen SD


    A co worker that started a week before I did and quit this week, She never got her w2 filled out and I don’t think other worker as either. So yeah I’m going to tell them i fill it out or I leave
  3. K0ta

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    Can anybody speak to experience with EMDR therapy? I should be going to somebody who specializes in DBT as it would work best (I am told) for my illness but a few therapists I am interested in seeing say they specialize in EMDR and I know nothing about it.
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  4. Carmen SD


    Told my instructor the terribleness that’s going on where I work and she had no idea otherwise she wouldn’t have sent me there. She’s gonna help me find something else.

    Can’t be somewhere that can’t do the simplist things the right way. Plus they have people doing stuff against scope of practice! I told her that too.
  5. Iago

    tourniquet patterns.

    I've been battling trichotillomania, an OCD that gives me irresistible, random urges to pull hair from my body, for 7 years now. Logically, after having a nice conversation with a loved one about how proud I am for keeping a full beard for so long last night, I wake up today with the dark urges. Been pulling hair out of my beard all day since 10 am and my shift doesnt end for another 2 hours. I just want to go home and shave cuz rn half of my mustache is gone and I feel so anxious and embarrassed. :(
  6. Carmen SD


    I asked to fill out my w2 or whatever and got ignored then the office manager low key refused to let me when I asked a second time
  7. Shakriel

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    I wanna yeet myself off a bridge.
  8. Shakriel

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    Coming undone in a way I haven't in a long time and I just hate existing in every facet right now. Feel like a huge fucking failure at work and the paranoia about it is getting to me.
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  9. SlappinCups

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  10. Carmen SD


    I’m literally in tears right now. I never felt so stressed on a job and I’ve worked high stress jobs for 3 years. Because my office manager is a bimbo that doesn’t know what she’s doing and basically doesn’t train you I keep having to redo shit that could have been avoided if she explained and trained me. I’m so ready to walk out
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  11. Kiana

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    My brother in law might have cancer again but we won't know until he can go to the better hospital in the city and I feel like I'm on the verge of a constant anxiety attack and I can't focus on anything
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  12. Jams


    Job hunting is seriously making me so depressed. Like I found a job that is essentially what I am doing now and they won't even interview me because I don't have a bachelor's degree. You absolutely do not need any degree to do my job, just training. And it is absurd that they want someone with that much education when they are only paying $15 an hour. The only jobs left are retail jobs and I'm better off staying with my current job bc it pays slightly more and the hours are obviously much better than retail. I have gotten literally zero interviews. Also trying to find anything full time is basically impossible. I can work another job part time if they go around my current job's hours but I am so burnt out on my job and really, really want to find something else but doesn't look like that's gonna happen any time soon.
  13. Carmen SD


    Again I’m in tears. My office manager is having me do stuff I know nothing about and she doesn’t even know. Like wtf. Also she’s telling me to do things that I’ve done and not working. Like I just tried it. Def not getting paid enough for this. Plus i feel discriminated against
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  14. Jake W

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    I'm not ok
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  15. PureBlueSF

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    I'm just so fucking overwhelmed. Again.
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  16. atlas


    Living with my parents is getting extremely toxic. Do not recommend being under the same roof as people that don't love eachother and are in denial! I feel like I'm walking on eggshells everyfuckingwhere I go and it sucks so goddamn hard!
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  17. Carmen SD


    Interview at another place this upcoming week. Crossing my fingers because I need to get out of the place I’m in now ASAP
  18. @Carmen SD I'll be crossing my fingers for you too! good luck at the interview!
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  19. Jacob

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    I rely on people to tell me I'm ok. I've exhausted those relationships and they're not there anymore. sometimes my mom doesn't pick up anymore. Fucking hell it hurts.

    she told me I'm a bouncing board for her feelings about her alcoholic father. well I'm sorry.
  20. it's dark and snowing. I went for a walk because I was feeling sad and restless, and at one point I was approaching a crosswalk just as a bus was coming down the street. definitely considered not pressing the button to make the lights go and just walking right in front of that bus.
  21. Shakriel

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    I have a similar thought nearly every day I commute and as the train approaches.
  22. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I'm glad you didn't there are multiple days at work I'm like being hit by a car would be rad right about now, probably a bad thing
  23. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  24. waking season

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    I had this thought a few months ago while driving through a toll. It was terrifying how close I came to driving into the toll booth at full speed. Hope you’re doing well and my DMs are always open
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  25. Shakriel

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    So tired and a part of me hopes I don’t wake up