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  1. chatting with my bestie about anxiety the other day, she was telling me about a reframing thing she does when she encounters anxious thoughts that I’m gonna try to incorporate into my life more:
    figured at least one of you might find this useful
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  3. Jams


    I've been feeling so lonely lately and I just feel like I'll never have friends or a partner and will just spend the rest of my life completely alone.
  4. K0ta Mar 14, 2019 at 5:28 AM
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    I'm waiting in the office of a psychiatrist; going back to therapy after almost 6 years and somehow I'm NERVOUS. You'd think the 4 years in my early 20's of some of the most intensive forms of therapy could've been enough but nope I still fall into the same bad habits and gotta go back to this again. Self care (especially when it pertains to mental health) needs to be ongoing and I of all people should know and accept that but I'm still frustrated to be doing this again. I just hope he gives me a script for a f**king benzo cause that's what helps me the most. I refuse to start going back on meds that need me to take them every day, then we start experiement with what works and what doesn't - hell no. Too many bad side effects from too many meds to go there again. Give me something PRN for when I can't stand the anxiety and I'll be fine.

    Update: the doctor is almost 30 minutes late and I'm now in a bad mood and gonna be even later to work. Already not gonna feel comfortable with this guy.

    Update 2: Okay, I take it back - I actually really liked this guy. He was intelligent and thoughtful and genuine. And finally - FINALLY - I feel like I have a diagnosis that makes sense. It's amazing that I've had almost every type of help imaginable - inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, group, individual, etc., and yet I finally feel like it has culminated into something tangible. Docs have said I had anxiety, depression, bipolar, BPD, PTSD, even floated schizoaffective disorder (???) and this is the system at work. Going from doctor to doctor for so long and getting different answers, this doc actually wrote a list of things that made the most sense - anxiety, depression, BPD, bipolar, and PTSD - and wrote down the symptoms I described under each and concluded from that and the rest of our conversation that generalized anxiety disorder with borderline personality disorder makes the most sense. And it does. And I have felt like that for a long time. Anxiety was a given, but BPD was something docs have floated but never landed on and here is this guy finally getting it - and referring me to a BPD specific therapy group. I'm still kind of amazed that I can feel hopeful about a "breakthrough" in this even after the intensive treatment I've had in the past, but I do and I'm just...really glad. There is finally a direction and everything fits.
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    My anxiety is spiking for no reason. I hate it and I'm really freaking out.
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    I feel you on this. But if we are any indication, there are many others that feel the same way. We can support each other.
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    Yeah definitely same ha
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    I'm lost and starry eyed

    This was mostly successful, and I luckily didn't have to deal with any family drama when I got home this time, but I can't fight the feeling that I should stop doing these temporary stop-gap sort of things and actually do something more permanent to help myself.

    I dunno, I do think I should see a therapist but the last couple ones I saw turned out to be unhelpful sacks of shit so I'm very apprehensive.
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    I just got shockingly angry in my session with my psychiatrist about how much I hate the state of the world and how much people have to suffer just for the benefit of a few. I didn't realize I was that kind of person. I didn't know I was this jaded about society and everything. I'm just really confused.
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  10. Mason


    My anxiety is through the roof today. I am leaving my job and was going to tell my boss this morning, but kept putting it off. Now its almost end of the day and I feel like its weird that I went all day acting like its a normal day, just to break the news at the end. I still want to get it done with today because I need my brain to stop racing but now I feel even more uncomfortable doing it. I hate how bad I am with communicating and dealing with uncomfortable situations.
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    Are you leaving the job into a better situation? If they are kind I'd hope they'd be understanding
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    Yes and I'm giving them 3 weeks notice, which is more than fair I believe. Chickened out today because it seems too weird to do it at the end of the day. I'm gonna try doing it first thing tomorrow morning instead. I hate that I over-think this stuff way too much.
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    Be confident in the fact that this is part of millions of people's experience daily and that you aren't doing anything wrong at all. Otherwise everyone would stay at the same job and position forever! You're moving onto better things and they can find someone else. It's business. If they don't understand, you don't need to be there anyway. 3 weeks is an extra week generous.
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    when I gave my two weeks I did it semi-impulsivly and then slammed the door in my boss' face and I'm alive to tell the tale. I think it's always going to feel awkward unless your job knows you have a set end date, so it truly is a rip the band aid off situation but most places are just grateful for the two weeks and that you're not quitting on the spot
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    Dunno if this is a mental health issue so much as life issue but I can't afford to get by right now and it makes me wish I didn't have to
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    Oh my God. This x1000.