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Mental Health Thread • Page 256

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AelNire, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    Oh goose Supporter

    I'm not sure if there are any particular shows or stuff because even with something like The Good Place which I love and makes me happy I get distracted sometimes

    for me it's thinking of things I have to look forward to and kinda forcing myself to always have at least one thing on the calendar
  2. Kiana

    Anyway, don't be a stranger Prestigious

    Yeah that's a good idea. I have some concerts lined up which is exciting but it always feels so far away! I think I need to start doing one thing a month, even if it's just something small to look forward to.
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  3. theagentcoma

    nobody look Supporter

    I pour myself into creativity. Writing or playing music. Going to shows is always good, as is reading. I'm an escapist junkie, basically.
  4. RyanPm40 Feb 4, 2019
    (Last edited: Feb 4, 2019)

    The best goddamn bird lawyer in the world. Supporter

    Have a meeting w my boss today to tell him how the new office buillding is making me sick, hoping to request to work from home. Really scared, anxious and depressed. I really don't want to and can't lose this job.
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  5. RyanPm40

    The best goddamn bird lawyer in the world. Supporter

    Update - that meeting went really well. Huge relief, I'm so glad to finally have it over with.

    The "new" building (aka we moved to a smaller, older place) just straight up makes my lungs hurt and makes me dizzy, confused, and exhausted. It just wasn't working for me. I hate to not be "normal" and have such a weird autoimmune disorder that nobody tends to understand. I'm so grateful my boss seemed to get it.

    He said I can work from home full time now. Even said he selfishly wants to keep me on our project because the team loves having me but that he fully understands if it becomes depressing for me to work alone without in-person, human interaction, and would be open to helping me find a different job in another group at one of our other offices after a few months of trying this out.

    I wish I addressed this a lot sooner. I was in a really dark place. I wasn't full-on suicidal or anything.. but there were nights in bed where I felt so short of breath that I'd think "If I just drifted off to sleep right now, stopped breathing, and never woke up, I would be totally ok with it." It was a really scary thought to have for so long.. never told anyone about it. But I'm feeling like I'm in a much better place now. I really need to find a new therapist that my new insurance will cover.
  6. That must be a HUGE relief, happy it worked out for you Ryan, that's some massively important stuff to address.
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  7. RyanPm40

    The best goddamn bird lawyer in the world. Supporter

    Thank you SO much, it really means the world to me to even have other people excited for me. I've felt really alone for awhile now, and it feels like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders :).

    Still feeling nervous for when my coworkers ask me where I am, or what will happen as word makes its way up to my director and other upper management (I work for a very large company), but I made the biggest step in the right direction and I'll take things one step at a time from here
  8. I mean one option if your co-workers ask is to be transparent with them. It sounds like you suffer from something that can be detrimental to your health, they will understand and support your decision, you seem to be valued at your work.
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  9. RyanPm40

    The best goddamn bird lawyer in the world. Supporter

    Yeah, I think you're right, that it's the best thing for me to do. If I'm vague and mysterious about my disappearance, that just gives more room for judgemental opinions like "why the hell is he working from home when he only has a 15 minute commute!?" Heh.
  10. In a professional environment people are much more understanding, I couldn't even comprehend anyone reacting negatively to you informing them about your situation.
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  11. ChaseTx

    Nuke the site from orbit. The only way to be sure Prestigious

    A year ago I got fired from a job where I was unhappy, then I took another job that I really hated and a month ago I got fired from there. It's been a really stressful month with moving and looking for a job and every rejection makes me feel like I have no discernable professional or social skills and just generally without any value. And I want to have a social life but I have no idea where to start and I don't really feel good about myself overall.

    Anyway I need to get things sorted out and get back on track. I wish I had some guidance on that or a sense that things are going to be ok
  12. rebecca Feb 6, 2019
    (Last edited: Feb 6, 2019)


    I wrote about this earlier but I deleted it because I didn't like how I explained it but I'm freaking out again

    College just isn't kind to mentally ill people lmao I literally have no clue what to do in my current situation, I have never been this financially/academically fucked and nobody at the school is helping me and I can't see my therapist anymore because she stopped taking all insurance and I lose my insurance this month anyway and have to start paying my psychiatrist out of pocket since he's still making medication adjustments

    I don't know who to turn to for help because I don't know if anyone CAN help me or if my mental illness/physical illness just really fucking ruined my life this time and I know I'm being dramatic but that's how it feels

    Basically though I e-mailed my financial adviser telling her my psychiatrist said he'd write a note explaining why a person who recent experienced a mixed bipolar episode and was currently depressed shouldn't take 5 classes at once and her response was literally JUST "please check your account, you have lost your scholarship" and now I owe the school $8,000 I can't afford and I'm pretty sure that means I can't continue attending nor can I transfer anywhere else until I pay that off

    Also I'm severely depressed but I don't think they'll let me do a leave of absence

    Going to this school while I hadn't gotten my health straightened out was a huge mistake
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  13. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    I got a new job that is like 100x times better than my old job and yet right now I’m still feeling eh on it.

    I don’t even know why but I start to not focus on work at all and my production numbers go down which can lead to getting in trouble.
  14. rebecca


    Shopping for therapists online when I have a million diagnoses is fun because I have to go through the list of issues they treat and make sure they all treat every single one I have or at least most of them, and the list seems like it just keeps growing.
  15. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Supporter

    Last week has been awful

    Basically realized that I can’t afford to buy the house I was so excited about. Even with my girlfriend helping with the mortgage I still would have no room to breathe.
    She’s upset because she really wants to get a place of our own that’s not a rental or small apartment. I get it. I’m upset too.

    I just feel like a complete letdown in all aspects of life lately.

    I don’t know how to make anyone happy.
    This whole week I’ve just been down on myself and it’s scrwing up my relationship with how self loathing I’ve been. I’m at the point where I’m terrified that she’s just going to leave because I’m too much to deal with when I get like this.

    I’m just exhausted with myself. I’m tired of struggling to survive on top of struggling to deal with my mind.
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  16. rebecca


    Feeling better today...my adviser said if I do an involuntary medical withdrawal they won't charge me. Clearly the scholarship is too much pressure for me on top of health/mental health issues so I could see what kind of aid they give me without it for next term. If it's not enough aid I'll probably just go back to taking classes online at my old school since I could afford that. Not ideal and I am disappointed but it's better than I thought it would be.
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  17. Shakriel

    I'm just so tired of thinking about everything Prestigious

    My health freakout is over. I finally visited a doctor for the first time in a very long time. Got test results tonight and the issue I was worried about I don't have.

    I don't even know how to feel right now. Been so wound tight over this for the past three weeks that some of the symptoms might have literally just been from that.

    Oh, and I'm also now on anti-anxiety meds. So hopefully that helps me there.
  18. Kiana

    Anyway, don't be a stranger Prestigious

    I wish I could even pretend to fit in sometimes. Can't fake it til you make it if you can't even convincingly pretend you're a normal human.
  19. upload_2019-2-10_21-15-41.jpeg
  20. man my brain is obsessed with comparing myself to my friends and it's making me sick
    just yesterday one of my besties was telling me about some shit she's going through at work and one of my main take aways was "hmm her problems are so much more grown up than mine. I'm a pathetic child."
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  21. scroopy.noopers

    : (

    I'm not sure why, but my brain decided to get triggered really hard today and I collapsed into an anxious mess. I don't feel safe in my home, i don't feel safe with my partner, i don't feel like i have a home or anyone to talk to. None of that should be true, but I'm really paranoid. Its almost like there are three different voices of negative screaming at me in my head.
  22. ChaseTx

    Nuke the site from orbit. The only way to be sure Prestigious

    I relate to this hard. I was just thinking about how I don't feel like a real person and can't engage with people.

    And then I wonder if maybe nothing is wrong with me and I just overthink everything

    Or maybe it's circumstantial and I just need to get a job and then I can make friends and things will be better
  23. Mason


    Does anyone have any tips on how to deal and cope with the feeling of immense loneliness? I live with my boyfriend but don't have anyone else I am friends with in my city. He is going to be leaving next month on a work trip that will be 2-3 months of him being gone in the middle-east, which also means I won't even really get to speak to him that often. I'm worried about how I am going to handle him being away for so long and not having any real human interaction for that length of time. (minus going to work, but I am not friends with anyone at my job)
  24. Petit nain des Îles

    Golden Hour Supporter

    Struggling to find a place to rent and not being able to go to work when I get called for a temp contract anymore, on top of still being stuck in an isolated village with no way to get my social life back, are quickly making me depressed again. I'm back on my old avoidance behaviors which is even worse ugh. I just feel like a burden on a constant basis.
  25. K0ta

    Trusted Supporter

    Being comfortable being alone is a really hard thing, but even when you get to that point it's not enough if you're alone all the time. My bf has to go away for training and will be gone for weeks to months, which we've done before, but I find my tendency is to isolate instead of to seek out company. Are you new to the city you live in and haven't made friends, or have you two just been your main company for each other?
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