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  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    I'm mostly familiar with nyc where you can get by with public transportation and walking
    I've only done Lyft a few times and there wasn't any really socializing, personally a stranger driving me around is the stressful concept with Uber

    I weirdly find big cities less stressful sometimes because of the anonymity plus not having to drive
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  2. Shakriel

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    I moved to a larger city (or, well, I opted to live outside of it for now, but work in it) this year by myself.

    What I've done is just learn what you need immediately, like say the best way to get to work every day and what trains/bus lines take you there so you can more easily identify a different bus/train that will get you where you need to go if the usual one is delayed/maintenance issues/etc.

    then once you feel more comfortable about that, start to learn about a small chunk nearby that you'd pass a lot or want to visit and then just grow it from there as you feel comfortable with it.

    I also use Google Maps like a fuckton to always be sure of where I'm going because I'm awful finding places I haven't been before and often might go in the wrong direction.

    As for Lyft/Uber, I've only used it a few times but there's never been much of an expectation for conversation and if they try, I go with vague answers until they quit trying, lol.

    I totally understand the struggle with anxiety and getting overwhelmed. Even though I've lived here for 7 months, I still get anxiety and I just do my best to take it slow. That has helped.

    Hope this helps in some way.
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  3. BirdPerson

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    Today's shift at the grocery store involved a lot of cleaning up spills and some pushing a broom and I feel some kind of guilt related to "I'm still paying off my college degree (and so is my dad) and my parents didn't send me to college to end up stocking shelves at Sprouts"

    There's some class issues I probably need to unpack. But also I make more an hour now than I did at my first real career job lol so yeah definitely class issues
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  4. rebecca


    Thank you all for the tips, they were helpful and I'll try to keep them in mind!
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  5. KramerOsborn

    I'm probably avoiding responsibilities right now.

    Hey guys,

    Over the last few days I have done a lot of mental health maintenance. Part of that was cutting out someone who is very close to my heart. She was someone I considered to be my closest friend but she was very abusive towards me. She would take advantage of my feelings to get affection but treat me like a pest when it wasn't beneficial to her to speak to me. Everything was so one-sided. It all had to be her way or it was wrong. Every aspect of our friendship had to cater to her wants and needs and if she didn't feel like being there for me, she would tell me I'm needy and push me away. I stayed around for far longer than I should have but I cared deeply for her and still helped any chance I got.

    That being said, a week ago we had an argument where she told me she didn't care that I was manic and I bailed. I talked to her a few days ago to see how she was doing and she told me she didn't want to talk to me and called me selfish for only caring about my mental health when I've been going through hell. She told me she was considering if it were worth keeping me around and needed time. I was hurt, told her I'll make the decision for her and cut ties completely. Blocked her on everything, deleted her number, the whole ordeal. It was one of the more difficult things I have had to do but I'm trying my best to go into 2019 without all of my demons clawing at my door. She has treated me poorly for years and I always came back with open arms. It's time to take care of me, though. If that makes me selfish, than I guess I'm selfish.
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  6. rebecca


    It's that time of year where people reflect on "then vs. now" the most. I can't believe this time last year I was getting ready to go off to a different school in Maine. I was excited and hopeful. Then I ended up backing out a week before classes started, took more time off, and then applied to the school I'm at now. This was my top choice school from the beginning, I just didn't know they'd give me all this aid so I could afford it. The year still didn't turn out as planned, I ended up with Hashimoto's and having to go home a lot. I had to withdraw from some classes and take an incomplete in another.

    I keep thinking about how going to school in Maine was just a thought that really appealed to me for a while, and now I'm actually here. I'm writing this from my dorm room. Tomorrow I'm going into Portland and spending the day there. It's such a wonderful city full of creative, progressive people who do a lot of cool things and I love it.

    My Hashimoto's Disease and Fibromyalgia have improved with medication so I'm going to work hard to get back on track academically. I know I can do this. It's still so surreal that save for the few bumps in the road, it all worked out the way I wanted it to (as in, getting into the school and affording it and all that).

    I'm optimistic that 2019 will be an even better year. I hope all of you have a great year too.
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  7. sophos34

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    my life is garbage
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  8. I’m almost certain I’m gonna die alone :)
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  9. Shakriel

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    I'll admit 2018 was half good. I was able to finally land a new job just before summer that got me the fuck out of a state (and job) I hated and into an area that I do genuinely like.

    That said, it's not perfect. I live somewhere where there is plenty to do... and I just want to spend all my time at home, alone. I feel embarrassed that everyone I know is so outgoing and I just want to be home. I really haven't made any friends since my move, something I do and don't much care about at the same time. I like texting people, not actually hanging with them, lol.

    So in 2019, I'd like to try and be a little more adventurous given where I live, but I won't be too broken up about it if I don't. I don't know.

    At the very least I'd like to do more non-work writing and stop buying things when depression demands some fake gratification. And then I'd love to stop feeling paranoid about job security.
  10. colorlesscliche

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    This very much sounds like me. What kind of things are you planning to do around town? Alone? With friends?
  11. theagentcoma

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    After going through a divorce and trying my hand (unsuccessfully) at dating again in 2018, I've had to come to terms with being ok with being alone. I've always struggled with being alone. If I'm not pouring myself into a person/relationship, I really tend to have identity issues. To combat this, I've decided to take ownership of certain things by doing them for myself and not for anyone else.

    For example, the other night I played an open mic for the first time in like 6 years. I didn't tell anyone or invite anyone. I was nervous as hell, but it went pretty well. I hardly even pick up the guitar anymore, let alone play in front of people. I used to do that with regularity so that was a big step. I'm also going to finally start writing a book idea I've had for like 5 years. These two things might not seem that major, but they are passions that I've put aside for years that I'm looking forward to investing time in.
  12. Shakriel

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    Mostly things like finally visit some of the landmark locations in the city. Lived here for half a year, it's time that I at the very least did that and learn what some of the neighborhoods are like in case I decide I'd be interested in moving directly into the city at some point. Also, there's a shitton of restaurants, time to try some out. Probably alone to start. I still don't know anyone here outside of co-workers. I have a couple from my office who have shown an interest in hanging out should I reach out. I just need to suck it up and reciprocate.

    I just need to learn how to fight the inertia of work ending and immediately heading for the train home.
  13. colorlesscliche

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    I’m trying to adapt to this now. I abruptly left my STBXW and I’m worried about being alone. In addition we have week on - week off with our 3 y/o and I feel like I’m failing. He cries to go to his moms night when I put him to bed which guts me, I’m not as talented as she is when it come to cooking and stuff either. I feel like he deserves better. It’s tough, especially on NYE which has always been a close romantic thing for me.
  14. drewinseries

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    Got a flight from Boston to Orlando in a little over a week. Haven't flown since I was 21, I'm 27 now. Avoided it because I am afraid of getting a panic attack on the plane. But, this will be my first time flying on meds, and I'll have xanax with me as needed. I think I can do it. I just keep telling myself "I want to live my life" and that little mantra seems to help. It also helps that I got a switch with me for this trip.
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  15. cherrywaves


    Fuck, I relate to this so hard. After my breakup three months ago I started focusing harder on my career and trying my hand at photography, but it's still harder some days than other. Glad to hear that open mic went well and best of luck with your book
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  16. maybe 2019 will finally be the year I get out of my own damn way
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  17. A few days ago, my parents found out about my new course. I really wanted to tell them on my own but I faltered at every opportunity. They wound up learning about it thanks to an acceptance letter from the college I’m starting at. On the day everyone found out, they just unloaded on me. It was also the day my boyfriend went back home so I was already devastated about that, and it felt like I had been punched over and over again by my family. I’ve been reliving every horrible thing they said - even though my sister and mum apologised for being so harsh. I think my relationship with my mum and sister is okay. My dad, though? He’s hardly speaking to me, idk if he’s just avoiding people in general (it’s a very busy time for my family) or only avoiding me, but it really hurts. My relationship with him has been damaged and I’m trying to make amends, trying to be more open with my family, trying to earn their trust back, and I just feel so awful when I should be feeling elated about all the wonderful things that will happen in the new year! I feel like a colossal fuck up. I really was just protecting myself by getting into a whole new course on my own, but it’s hurt my family in the process and I don’t know what to do. I just want things to be okay again
  18. Fucking Dustin

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    I'm having the kind of month where it feels fictional to describe it, and not because of how great it's been. It's so hard to function and I legitimately do not know if I can keep my head up through the distress.
  19. supernovagirl

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    Started the new year with an anxiety attack set off by That Band :champagne:
  20. rebecca


    I don't know why I've been lying to myself but my symptoms are not 100% gone. I don't get joint aches which is amazing but I still get pins and needles every day. I don't know how to explain to people what an unsettling thing they are to experience regularly, since they sound so harmless. I rescheduled my MRI because I wasn't feeling like going that day. I rescheduled it for in two weeks. I just want to be 100% better or at least closer to it. I'm not sure if leaving for school so soon was a good idea, maybe I should have waited until mid-January.
  21. Louisiana Fast

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    I feel the same way, it's about damn time yo
  22. Kiana

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    I think my appetite is coming back a bit. Hopefully my motivation to shop and cook comes back too. I'm def in a cycle of not eating enough food in general let alone healthy food, and then being tired all the time as a consequence of lack of nutrition. But then being too tired to make food. I wish those meal delivery services weren't so expensive. I think my local grocery store delivers but in v specific time frames and I'm not home a lot. Idk. Wish I had a personal shopper and chef!
  23. scroopy.noopers

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    I've been rejected from so many jobs now that I kind of just wanna file for social security. Or idk I can't seem to do anything .
  24. JulieLynn

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    I felt that way until someone did it for me and It was a serious wake up call back in October.
  25. sophos34

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    not on meds anymore since I was sporadically taking them anyway and didn’t think they did much, hopefully I won’t need to get back on anything because I do feel fine, generally, without them.