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    For the money that would cost, that would be fucking stupid. Given it's entirely likely we could be starting a back 4 of Valencia, Smalling, Jones and Young any given weekend, whilst having no RW in the squad and having a 45 year old Matic as our only DM playing every minute of every game, spending upwards of £100million on a player that doesn't fit into the 4-3-3 that we play would be dumb.

    Therefore, I totally wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
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  2. Nick

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    lmao never
  3. Garrett L.

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    I think the only way Barca would bite is for Pogba+cash, but I think Coutinho fits Barca better than Pogba would.
  4. jbaseball44

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    hasn't he not started a game for Barca since like Dec 2nd? Never thought he was good enough for Barca
  5. jbaseball44

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    Liverpool out of the FA Cup, though based on the team they picked maybe that was the intention
  6. Arsenal v United FA Cup draw

    Spurs go to Crystal Palace
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    love arsenal v united.
  8. "The only way the people think is about money. That is going to help but at the moment I am happy. Maybe I think in advance. Today, the club is doing what the club needs to do and I am so happy to be here and helping the club, and it’s so clear the project.

    It’s true the people are so impatient. We are doing well, so win, win, win, win. Of course, win titles. But it’s going to arrive. Tottenham are in a project now that is normal and maybe we are in advance in the football side, but I think we are creating and Daniel Levy is creating a legacy that is going to be amazing for the future of the club.

    But at the moment, when all the project started with Daniel Levy, he was so brave and he’s right to do what he’s doing, to try to provide this football club with all the facilities that we have and the foundations that are going to help in the future to win. That is fantastic.

    But it’s difficult for the people because the people are talking about today, today, today. But the vision of the future is that Tottenham are going to be one of the most exciting clubs in the world, not only in England.

    That is sometimes difficult to tell you but that is why I think Daniel Levy deserves [credit] because the vision of the future is going to be Tottenham [being] one of the most exciting clubs for sure. I don’t know if in one year, two years or five years but it’s going to be, for sure."

    I could listen to Poch talk all day.
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    could never root for the guy cause he manages spurs but his reverence for Don Wenger is fantastic
    Pochettino on emulating Wenger and why he does not 'dream' of money
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  10. Garrett L.

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    Overblown stat when you remember Spain has a winter break. He hasn’t started four games after coming back from two months of injury.
  11. jbaseball44

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    Where, postionally, do you see him fitting for Barca?
  12. Garrett L.

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    If you stick to the Barca 4-3-3 for the best outfield X. Coutinho makes more space for Alba to excel, which makes the entire team better. He’s the best Spanish player in any league this season.


    Will probably also be seen regularly.

    I think a 4-4-2 of


    Would be great, but the front six is so fluid in the system it’s not like it doesn’t happen.
  13. Coutinho-Suarez-Messi

    Please don't happen but that'd be so dirty.
  14. jbaseball44

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    my issue with Coutinho is ive always thought that while he is technically gifted he doesn't fit with Barca's pass first/sharp movement style. he is a player that likes to dribble and take a lot of touches, and those touches often take him into the space occupied already by another Barca player, thus disrupting their rhythm and disjointing their play. always happy to be proven wrong though
  15. cryates Jan 7, 2019
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  17. awakeohsleeper

    I do not exist.

    I would love to see him manage at Tottenham for 20 years. We need more stability and consistency in this world of unreal money.
  18. Dembele gone to China
  19. PandaBear!

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    Sad, but I guess the window of opportunity for that China payday isn't open forever so I can't begrudge him for making that move. He still has a lot to offer though so I'm stunned no other clubs are interested at £9million. One of the best dribblers I can remember seeing.
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  20. cryates

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    £9million seems awfully low, no?
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  21. He’s had a lot of injuries recently and seems to be declining rather quickly. It’s sad to see because when at his best he’s an unbelievable player. One of my favorites to watch. He has such a rare combo of strength and dribbling ability.
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  22. PandaBear!

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    My favourite type of players are the ones who dribble through the centre of the pitch from CM like he did, having such control over the ball going through a congested area like that is a rare gift.
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  23. jbaseball44

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    Spurs fans (and Chelsea if there are any in here), would you rather have these 2 Carabao cup fixtures or be off?
  24. Joe4th

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    I prefer the cup fixture honestly. I don't think the Spurs have a chance at winning the PL unfortunately so I'll take the fixture
  25. jbaseball44

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    fair, I don't personally rate the competition but I feel like once you're this far you have to embrace it.