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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Garrett L., Jul 16, 2018.

  1. PandaBear!

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    MFW less than a week after saying I cannot be bothered supporting the club any more, Chelsea sign one of my favourite players (Ziyech) plus my dad buys me some memorabilia from the 2009/10 double-winning season for my birthday :tear:
    The lord testing my resolve rn...
  2. SamLevi11

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    Totally missed you saying that so went back and had a look at that video.

    Why are Chelsea fans so much more prone to this than any other top flight English club?

    Just a good Millwall/English Lazio ennit.
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  3. PandaBear!

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    Not entirely sure. In the late 70s/early 80s CFC seemed to be a recruiting ground for the fascist 'National Front', plus I know Chelsea, Rangers and a club called Linfield from Northern Ireland have a sort of mutual alliance based around Nationalism/anti-IRA due to the fact many of CFCs hooligan/firm leaders were former soldiers. So I guess the history of the clubs fans still attracts likeminded morons to this day perhaps
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  5. Garrett L.

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    Just came to post a similar tweet
  6. Will 5th place now get their CL spot?
  7. Big Un


    Sheffield United in the CL under Wilder it is, then.
  8. The race for 4th was already shaping up to be madness. Now an extra spot available. It’s gonna be a fun shit show to see who sputters their way to 4th and 5th.
  9. TheGuyfkaFringeofLunacy


    PSG and Juve can do whatever the fuck they like I guess. This is going to get appealed and I have read that many people theorize if we win that it will rule that FFP is illegal and it will kill it for good.
  10. JM95


    Good. Finally a bit of comeuppance.
  11. Wharf Rat

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  12. Garrett L.

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    If PSG wasn't/hasn't been penalized, City shouldn't be.
  13. T.J.

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  14. Zoshchenko

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    they can appeal, yeah? Is the likeliest outcome that the ban is reduced to just a year or what
  15. Joe4th

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    If that stands it's really going to screw City up. I know Pep's been rumored to leave, and I'm sure a lot of players will want to be transferred out too.
  16. TheGuyfkaFringeofLunacy


    It is definitely getting appealed, have not heard the any likely outcomes from that. I think mainly that is due to this being pretty out of the blue and an outright ban was not expected by any City pundits.

    The big question of this is if FFP is even legally allowed by the EU. That is the big question that might get settled by this via appeal or lawsuit from City.
  17. bobby_runs

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    The ban will go away and the fine will go up in the appeals process.

    UEFA is/was judge/jury/executioner in this.
  18. TheGuyfkaFringeofLunacy


    I definitely see that happening on the ban going away.

    I am interested to see what the club does...if you go by their statement it talks about the "ultimate need to seek out an independent body." I am not familiar with what the whole process (does say they will appeal to the Court of Arbitration of Sport) will be but I thought that portion was interesting in their statement
  19. JM95


    Another week, another example of VAR having a negative impact on a game.

    Whole thing should be scrapped for the time being until they find ways to make it work or limit the types of decisions it can be used for. It's ridiculous at the moment.
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  20. wow
  21. T.J.

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    if this judgement sticks, Pep can walk away from the remainder of his contract? is that what i am reading?
  22. Garrett L.

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    a champions league season with de bruyne in his peak would feel so sad
  23. Nick

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    City finally getting what they deserve.
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  24. I’ve been wanting KDB to go to Barca for so long haha maybe it’ll actually happen now.
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  25. Garrett L.

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