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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Garrett L., Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Lingard and Dele would better starting, right?
  2. jmitch0906

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    Ryan Babel and Declan Rice starting a Semi Final. Gotta love it
  3. Platy


    That'll take a few million off de Ligt's price tag.
  4. Backs up my argument from a few days ago lol

    (I’m probably still wrong)
  5. De Jong assisting to Messi is going to be lovely
  6. Platy


    That'll add a few million to de Ligt's price tag.
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  7. Platy


    Oh that was a nice pass by Barkley.
  8. Platy


    Had to wake up the guys in the VAR office for the past couple of minutes.
  9. Platy


    Stones has been terrible.
  10. Platy


    Fucking hell Stones.
  11. orangehorizon


    Would have been wide if Walker didn't change the balls direction.
  12. Nick

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    fantastic finish by walker to be fair
  13. Platy


    The fact Depay missed a sitter too makes that sequence much funnier.
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  15. Nick

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    Stones is shocking
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  16. MrCon

    I was trying to describe myself to someone

    England really didn't want to win that game...
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  17. awakeohsleeper

    I do not exist.

    The VAR decision was as tight as it comes. Frustrating when it's something that the naked eye would never pick up but it is what it is - you'll win some, you'll lose some. That was pretty much the only decent move (from either team) for the whole match.

    The less said about this stupid slow passing in the defence the better. It's ok to pass it around in defence if you are alert and slick in your movement but when you leave it too long you are asking to make mistakes. I'm not surprised because those defensive errors were coming from the beginning. They looked sloppy from the 1st minute.
  18. PandaBear!

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    England are too weak at CB to play a 4-man defence against good teams, need to use a formation similar to the one at the World Cup again. Something like:

    TAA, Gomez, Stones, Maguire, Chilwell
    Rice, Henderson
    Sancho, Kane, Sterling

    Midfield looks weak but tbh we are as weak if not weaker at CM than at CB. However we cannot sacrifice one of those front 3 at all so a 2-man midfield that's more defensive will have to do - deeper attacking threat can come from TAA and Chilwell rather than another CM player like Alli or RLC.
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  19. Was Sessegnon bad in his first PL season? He’s only 19 so I guess we shouldn’t expect him to be a star yet. I just didn’t watch enough Fulham games and it seems his hype has died down a bit.
  20. Nick

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    No. He was just an 18 year old that was in and out of an awful team.
  21. Yeah that’s what I figured. Hopefully we can bring him in. Curious what position Poch would develop him into. Grew up playing LB and recently switched to LW, right?
  22. Nick

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    Dan James announced.

    I would like to draw your attention to the below video

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  23. Nick

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    Left back until December 2017 pretty much. But he was always an attacking full back. He was moved up because he was such a threat. He's not really a winger that will get on the ball and beat people that much but his movement is top notch and he's quality at getting on the end of crosses unnoticed. Cliché but he needs to bulk up and get less scared of trying things to make it in the Premier League. Played within himself last season but again, mostly because Fulham were shite.
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  24. We made a signing!

    I don’t know anything about him.
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  25. Everything I’ve read says Spurs would have him on the wing to start with the plan to move him back to full-/wingback eventually

    (regarding Sessegnon)