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MENA World • Page 8

Discussion in 'Politics Forum' started by aranea, May 19, 2017.

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    Yeah that seems bad. I don't know anything about the history of the Iraqi Communist Party but for obvious reasons a lot of MENA communist parties are very far from their roots. Communists being the main focus of political repression in the region for decades will do that, and it will also open political space for, well, far right theocrats
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    It's honestly angering me given the genocides towards Assyrians and Yazidis the past few years. You'd think a Marxist party would give a fuck about their secularism and protection of minorities. Sorry, it's not anti imperialist to ally with theocratic and reactionary groups. W/e tho right? Also sad this isn't getting much attention and discussion.
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    "The general trend is that there is no basic democracy: Assyrians and other minorities are left outside of decision-making processes in the Nineveh Plains, even though they are the majority,” said Afram Yakoub. “Assyrians don’t get government jobs; Assyrian schools never receive the full funding they are entitled to or the textbooks they need; the water and electricity supply is weaker for the Assyrian community; foreign aid that is pouring into Northern Iraq is not handled by Christians and is somehow directed to non-Assyrians.”

    The areas governed by the KRG see the authorities passively resisting judicial verdicts made in favour of Christians by neglecting to implement them, he says. Alongside its policy of ‘Kurdification’ of Northern Iraq, the KRG also imposes a curriculum upon Assyrian schools, says Yakoub. He describes this as ‘humiliating’: “For example, in history books there is a chapter where the Kurd Simko Agha, who assassinated the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East during the Assyrian genocide immediately after the First World War, is presented as a hero.”"

    Iraq’s Assyrian Christians: persecution and resurgence - World Watch Monitor
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    "The world is failing Yazidi women forced into sex slavery by Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, with 3,000 still unaccounted for, according to the head of a charity dedicated to helping survivors recover from their horrific experiences.

    Murad Ismael said many Yazidi women and girls had been brainwashed or killed in captivity, while those who had managed to escape after years of enslavement and rape were left struggling to survive without an income or identity papers.

    "Every inch of these women's body and soul is broken," Ismael, executive director of Yazda, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

    "And yet the international system is failing to embrace them and help them return to normal life," said Ismael, who will speak at the Foundation's Trust Conference on modern slavery in Brussels on Wednesday.

    "These girls, they just want to resume school, go back to normal. But they're not given any income or support so many of them have to be a father and a mother to their siblings, in addition to being a survivor."

    The Yazidi, a religious sect whose beliefs combine elements of ancient Middle Eastern religions, are regarded by Islamic State as devil-worshippers.

    Thousands of women and girls of the Yazidi faith were abducted, tortured and sexually abused by IS fighters who invaded their homeland in northwest Iraq, in 2014.

    The militants were driven out a year ago, but most Yazidis have yet to return to their villages and nearly 3,000 women and children remain in captivity."

    World failing Yazidi women forced into sex slavery - charity head
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    OK so basically, both Iraqi Kurdistan (most of northern Iraq) and Rojava (semi-autonomous ? region in Northeast Syria) are under Kurdish rule, and in both these places, esp the former, there's severe oppression of Assyrians and other minorities like the Yezidis. Iraqi Kurdistan is run by the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) and its dominant political party the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic [lol] Party). Rojava is run by the YPG (People's Protection [lol, again] Units). In regards to the latter, specifically, a lot of anarcho-communists and Marxists in the West have unequivocally thrown their support for the YPG because of it supposed socialist, secular tendencies. Yet people have often waved away a lot of the actual horrible things that are also going on there under this supposed anarchist/socialist region.

    A lot of Assyrians have taken the time to report on this extensively, so I will be giving you a lot of links, but here's the main stuff:

    Take a read of these two reports (the latter one is longer, yes, but it is extensively detailed and very well written):
    - Syria: http://www.aina.org/reports/ace201701.pdf
    - Iraq: http://www.atour.com/media/files/ne...0170925-Assyria-Nineveh-Erasing-Assyrians.pdf

    An article about how the Peshmerga (the army under the KRG) abandoned Yezidis (they did this to Assyrians as well) right as IS were approaching:

    "If the Yazidi men had known the peshmerga would withdraw, they might have fled earlier as well. Alone, they were no match for the IS army.

    North of the mountain, locals received no warning from peshmerga or KDP and government officials regarding the attacks, said Amina, who worked for the party in that region. She heard about attacks from her aunt who lives south of the mountain, and she called her sub-branch director. She was told to stay calm and that there was no withdrawal. But when she called Sarbast Baiperi’s guards they said he had left the night before and they themselves were already gone, and they confirmed the troop withdrawal."

    How the U.S.-favored Kurds Abandoned the Yazidis when ISIS Attacked

    August 3rd this year will be 4 years since IS committed genocide against Assyrians and Yezidis in Iraq.

    I also have a bunch more links, including ones linked here, saved here: on assyrians in syria, and the ypg, and rojava: https://www.newsdeeply.com/syri - Pastebin.com

    Also, 3 Assyrian women were on the socialist feminist podcast Season of the Bitch recently. You should listen to both parts of the episode. It's called "foreign policy and the left", so it would really benefit everyone here to listen. like, seriously, if you make time to listen to other podcasts, then make the time to listen to these two episodes. i, at least, would be grateful.


    I would also, esp everyone on here since they're obsessed with Twitter, to follow the following accounts and even put them on a twitter list so you don't miss something-
    SURA (@AlSuraEnglish) | Twitter
    Max J. Joseph (@DeadmanMax) | Twitter
    leeta (@waleetacanon) | Twitter
    Yazda (@YazdaOrg) | Twitter
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    IS bombed a Druze (an ethnoreligious minority) town in Syria the other day. They also have taken women for slaves.

    "Mourners in southern Syria attended mass funerals Thursday for least 216 people killed in coordinated attacks by Islamic State fighters on a usually peaceful city and surrounding countryside. In the worst violence to hit the area since the country’s conflict began, the militants also reportedly abducted at least 18 people, activists said.

    The simultaneous attacks on the city of Sweida and surrounding villages a day earlier evoked the dark days of Islamic State violence that beleaguered Syria and neighboring Iraq during the group’s heyday in 2014 and 2015. The abduction of civilians — activists say at least 14 were women — also were reminiscent of the group’s tactic of taking hostages and using women as sex slaves.

    A mass funeral was held in the city of Sweida on Thursday where men gathered in a hall to pay their respects to the dead. The devastated city was covered in black and shops were closed during the day to mourn the mass deaths.

    Until Wednesday, Sweida, home to a predominantly Druze community, had largely been spared the violence that has hit Syria since 2011.

    As Syria’s civil war took increasingly sectarian undertones, pitting the largely Sunni opposition against the predominantly Alawite ruling class, the Druze minority stayed largely on the sidelines. Community leaders in Sweida took a firm position against participating in the war, resisting enrolling their sons in the army to avoid revenge attacks. The Druze, followers of an esoteric offshoot of Islam, have kept their own local militias."

    IS attack devastates community in southern Syria