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    Saw this last night. Wasn't by any means groundbreaking, or even close to holding a candle to the original, but it wasn't all bad, or by any means a slog. Started out a lot stronger than some sections in the middle, and some of the action was pretty cool. Overall: Fun, but not amazing. Tessa was great.

    Men In Black
    Men In Black International (just)
    Men In Black 3
    Men In Black 2
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    Semi-related, this is from the writer of MIB 1. That’s insane.
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    saw the movie at the premiere Tuesday night i had a great time seeing and got to do black carpet were the fan pit was and they gave away hats pins the look like the neutralizer and sunglasses. i got to meet Kumail Nanjiani,murr from impractical jokers could of met dr oz, but idc about him also met J. Alexander from top model.
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    They included me!
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    No shit. Which one are you
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    I’m two of them, both NPNOWGaug. It’s pretty hilarious how many journalists did the same thing. But eh, a lazy movie gets a lazy phrase.
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    I think they only said H changed after the incident 50 times before saying who he was before

    having Chris Hemsworth exemplify male white privilege and Tessa getting shit done made this worthwhile I guess, gonna have to put her in any movie so she can be fully utilized

    also what happens if there are 27 agents or there's a Molly and a Mike

    Emma Thompson is in two movies this week and in both her protege is named Molly lol

    I also kept thinking about Tom Delonge with Molly, what if he's right bout aliens and we keep laughing at him
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    Oof, $28M opening weekend :teethsmile:
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    Yeah, this might not be getting a sequel.
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    Can’t imagine what the advertising budget must have been for this, especially the tie-ins with the Finals. Honestly, I don’t think anyone’s gonna be too upset this won’t get a sequel.

    The original trilogy ended well enough with MIB3 and I think its success skated by on nostalgia and Will Smith. They should have just kept it at that or at least tried a new angle with these characters. They didn’t and need to just let it die.
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    Wonder if people at Sony are thinking "man, maybe we should've let that MIB/Jump Street crossover be a thing"
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    okay old white dude steals a movie from a POC director, now it makes sense, this sucks for Tessa and Chris
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    Not surprising. Producers like Parkes feel they have enough clout to ride the coattails of past successes and make better decisions than established and well-liked directors/writers, despite his track record. Like, okay cool dude, you wrote two mediocre movies that haven’t aged well... and that gives you priority because you’re an old white dude who’s pals with Spielberg???

    He’s been a part of some excellent docs, but when it comes to fictional films, the dude is a junkyard heap. Producers like him can’t face the music and accept they don’t know as much as they (or their resumes) suggest. I feel badly for the people who worked on this; it’s embarrassing but all-too-common these days in Hollywood.
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    That idea the proposed original screenplay was based on sounds like it would have been pretty fun
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