Memphis May Fire

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    Jalen Ramsey is the GOAT

    Memphis May Fire is a up and coming metalcore band that has released some of the better albums of the metal scene such as Challenger and Unconditional.
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    I just saw these guys open for Killswitch Engage last week. Earlier that afternoon, I was leaving work and walking to my bus, when I saw this guy, clearly in some type of band with the clothing he was wearing, looking at his phone and back up, like he was looking for some place. I asked what he was looking for, and he mentioned this local sushi place, so I pointed it out and he was on his way. No idea who he was, but I at least assumed he was playing at the show that night for one of the bands. Later, Memphis May Fire walks out on stage, and sure enough, the lead singer was the guy I gave sushi restaurant directions to, hahaha. Pretty decent band live
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    Jalen Ramsey is the GOAT

    Man that's awesome that you get to say you met Matty Mullins without having to do a meet and greet