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    I'm shocked you like it @bd007h
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    Is that sarcasm? Haha. I like the original and Meg's vocals are really strong on this.
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    100% sarcasm of course :-p
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  4. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    It still bums me how overlooked she is both on here and in general haha
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    Not a patch on the original, but the song definitely needs more exposure for this generation like Placebo did for the 2000s. For all the praise it gets within music circles, I wish it (and Hounds of Love) in general were most publicly appreciated.
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    Oh for sure. Musically Meg's cover is more or less the same as the original, aside from maybe the drums (while Placebo stripped it down and put their own take on it). With covers like that I usually tend to prefer the original as well. I'd definitely say the strongest part of Meg's cover is definitely her vocals.

    Overall I just hope this gives Meg and Kate both a boost in exposure, both from the other's fan base and overall, as well as introduces the song and both artists to a new audience.
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    Meg's performance at NPR's Tiny Desk back in December is out now.

    Write up on NPR's website

    Meg Myers put out one of 2018's most intense and cathartic albums. Take Me to the Disco raged and threw sonic punches at anyone who'd ever attempted to use or abuse her, from former record executives to past lovers. Dressed in a sparkling blue leotard, Myers re-creates that fire and ferocity behind the Tiny Desk, replacing her album's roaring electric guitars and electronics with a pulsing string quartet, piano and brushed drums.

    But the most intense part of the performance is Myers herself. The distant, piercing looks she gives during the set's opening cut, "Jealous Sea," are unforgettable and unforgiving as she sings about a rat's nest of feelings — anger, fear, jealousy, desire — over an ex. "Everything's right, everything's wrong / When you call my name," she sings while half-hugging herself. "And I don't think I can stop the jealousy / When it comes, it comes like waves and I can't breathe."

    Myers follows with a searing version of what she calls "a very lovely, uplifting song" from Take Me to the Disco called "Tear Me to Pieces," a frenzied takedown of liars, buried secrets and "wicked temptations." She then dials back the fury and indignation to close with a surprising version of "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush. Myers is a longtime fan, and often gets compared to the British singer. But Myers tells the audience she fell in love with the song for its meaning. "It's about men and women and the differences between them, and learning to have empathy for each other."

    At the end of it all, standing behind the desk, Myers seems to finally exhale and let go of the fury as she paws playfully at her band, grateful to have gotten through it together.

    "Jealous Sea"

    "Tear Me to Pieces"

    "Running Up That Hill"

    Meg Myers: bass, vocals; Jared Shavelson: drums, percussion; Josh Rheault: keys; Kristin Bakkegard: violin; Livy Amoruso: violin; Paul Bagley: viola; Carol Anne Bosco: cello

    Producers: Robin Hilton, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Kaylee Domzalski, Kara Frame, Maia Stern; Editor: Kaylee Domzalski; Photo: Cameron Pollack/NPR

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    7 outtakes from the recording of Take Me To The Disco due out in the early summer

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    will find it
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    This is being livestreamed tonight at 10 pm EST

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    the Kate Bush cover is pretty great
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    She does it pretty great live too. I think her performance of it at the Women Who Rock event was a little better than her one at the NPR Tiny Desk. Her voice sounded a bit more rested, considering it was her first show since December, and at the Tiny Desk in December she said that she had just performed the night before, as she was finishing up her fall tour.

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    Great photo of Meg with K. Flay, Donna Missal, and St. Vincent after the show last night.

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    This video of Meg as a teenager in 2004 with her old band Feeling Numb with her brother Jonathan was just uploaded to youtube. Drummer Billy Gurk sadly died by suicide last year, with Meg having posted a tribute on instagram.

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    Another photo of Meg and St Vincent after the show the other night.

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    bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    She's such a goof :crylaugh:

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    bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

  19. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    Interview with Meg Myers - Loud Hailer Magazine

    Meg Myers recently broke her music down in a very intimate way for Tiny Desk and the results are something spectacular.

    Once in a while, there will be an artist that stands out as being unique. Sometimes, they are more unique than most. Meg Myers is one such person who makes this list. Meg has a little bit of rock, pop, and soul all wrapped up in one. The special thing about this shining artist is the ability to make every single song she creates sound different and have a completely different vibe than the next one and abilities such as these are not easy to obtain. Now, Meg steps up to the plate and strips away all the electricity in her music and gets a string quartet and soothing drums to fill the room and sooth behind her vocals. This is where she performs for the first time her cover of Kate Bush’s “Running up that Hill.” The entire Tiny Desk performance is something that is different in a very positive way. Meg Myers sits down with Loud Hailer to discuss all these things and more.

    LH: What was it like to break down those songs on Tiny Desk and make them intimate?
    Meg: It was a challenge! The idea was to take some of the more intense songs on the album and strip them down but still maintain the power of the originals. And that was the first time we ever played “Running Up That Hill.”

    LH: What went into choosing those songs?
    Meg: There were requests, but then we had just finished “Running up that Hill” and I felt like it would be the perfect spot to premiere it.

    LH: Why choose to cover “Running Up That Hill” and what was it like to put your twist on it?
    Meg: It felt really right in the moment. It has always been “the song” that I would cover if I ever did a cover so when I decided to do it I felt confident. I also felt very connected to it with what has been going on inside of me and what I see happening in the world.

    LH: After being a well-known artist for so many years, why did you feel that now was the time to create a cover that you’ve wanted to do for your whole life?
    Meg: I like to take things slow.

    LH: Your songs are so honest and raw. How do you mentally prepare to write songs that are so personal to you?
    Meg: I just do my best to express what I am feeling in the moment, and staying out of my head. Sometimes nothing comes and sometimes something comes and then KABOOM!

    LH: Was it difficult to take away the electric guitars and perform with a string quartet?
    Meg: It was actually a lot of fun. It feels real natural and I love the organic sound!


    LH: You’re very outspoken about dealing with challenges throughout your whole career. What are the biggest challenges that you face and how do you manage to overcome them?
    Meg: I have struggled with communication and speaking my truth all of my life. I had a difficult childhood and experienced abusive relationships and I am actually just now truly starting to learn what it feels like to trust myself. I am overcoming fear with meditation, kundalini yoga, nature and therapy.

    LH: 2018 was a huge year for you! What does 2019 hold?
    Meg: I have another collection of original studio recordings coming out this summer that I am really excited about. Also will most likely tour in the Fall.

    LH: How did you manage to keep that fire on Tiny Desk without all the instruments that we know contribute to the Meg Myers sound?
    Meg: I think the nerves gave us all an adrenaline rush.

    LH: What was the defining moment of your career? When did you realize you were actually living your dream?
    Meg: I am not sure I have had a defining moment. I love writing songs and performing. Maybe it’s today. Right now? Right now is my defining moment!

    LH: You really are all about visuals. Why do you think music videos are important? Which one was your favorite to film?
    Meg: I think the “Numb” video is probably my favorite and the “Running Up That Hill” video is gonna be bonkers awesome! I just love acting and giving music a visual expression/meaning.

    LH: Any final thoughts? The floor is yours. Anything you’d like to say?
    Meg: I love you all!
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    Those original studio recordings she mentions are the album's bsides right?
  21. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    Yup. Seven in total plus Running Up That Hill. I'm assuming in the form of an EP. Not sure if it'll be released physically, but obviously digitally.
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    She's a character :crylaugh:

    Name that piece. Oh wait you can’t name it.. because I wrote it. It’s my peace. And so I actually named it myself and it’s called “2 weeks no spirit guides now pms hey that’s alright cool with me I’m breaking the rules eating cookies meditating on my own I’m chillin ‬”

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    She posted the full video of her performance of Running Up That Hill from iHeartRadio's Women Who Rock event on yoututbe

  24. bd007h's resident Meg Myers fan #GoSabres/Bills

    If this was the official video I wouldn't even be mad hahaha

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    Stumbled on this singer through youtube recommandations and thought it sounded a lot like Meg Myers