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Meg & Dia Return: Inside Their Post-‘Voice’ Struggle & New Surprise Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 1, 2019.

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    Chris Payne, writing at Billboard:

    Those pressure-packed Voice performances drained Dia’s onstage exuberance over most of the past decade. “For years after The Voice, I had a really hard time performing,” says Dia. “Perfectionism took over my life.” Even worse, her newfound solo career ravaged her relationship with her older sister, once her closest confidante in an unforgiving industry. “It was like having my identity and my best friend taken away at the same time,” says the elder Frampton, now willing to criticize the way she reacted to Dia’s ascent.

    For years, the sisters didn’t speak. “I had tied up all my self-worth in being famous, having money, and being a rock star,” says Meg. “I felt really jealous, thinking my sister was gonna be rich and famous, and I’d have nothing left.”

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  2. failinginplace


    this is a great article. i'm happy they are back and creating together :)
  3. Adam LaRue

    I'm old

    Good for them! I've been acquainted with both of them, and they really great humans. This goes for their manager as well, whom I've known since the Gatsbys American Dream days at Fearless.