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Matty Lewis Leaves Zebrahead

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 3, 2021.

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  2. alkalinexandy May 3, 2021
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    Kinda bummed about this, but glad to hear that the group plans to move ahead with a new singer. Curious to see who they get for a replacement and whether or not this ramps up their touring any.

    Personally, I'd love to see Tim Allister take the reins on lead vocals. He'd presumably be available and vocally, he'd be in a similar range with a stronger, more timeless "pop-punk" voice.
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  3. rbf737


    They did a pretty good job getting someone who sounded like Justin when they got Matty. I wonder if they'll do that again.
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  4. slimfenix182


    Never was super into Matty, Justin was a hard guy to replace for me. He did fine though, Broadcast and Phoenix were both pretty good. I can't really tell the difference between any of their songs at this point, it's all just fast and Ali yelling and it all kinda runs together. I'll check out who they get next though.
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  5. Fox83


    Matty was fine. They wrote some decent tunes with him, even some great ones at times. But, yea, Justin had a more recognizable voice in my opinion. I hope the next person isn't indistinguishable from Matty's voice. I'd like someone that sounds new but still fits in with their songwriting style of course. Someone mentioned Tim Rogner here, and I thinkg that would be interesting. I don't know that he's interested in non-stop international touring though.

    I also hope the next singer has some input lyrically. I'd like more personal songs and less party anthems - although I don't know that Matty was necessarily the one behind that. Just saying.
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  6. StoJa9


    Sad to see Matty go but excited for what comes next. I fucking love this band and have since Waste of Mind.
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  7. JamesMichael

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    Yeah I also preferred Justin to Matty. Would be wild to see him return but I don't think that will happen.
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  8. tomtom94


    Matty was around longer than Justin and IMO he was a better singer just, like, mechanically speaking. His energy was awesome live, too.

    I would agree that his lyrics became a bit same-y towards the end though.

    Glad they're sticking together, will be interesting to see who they get to replace Matty. I get the nostalgia argument behind speaking to Justin again but I'd rather not see that, personally.