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Marvel's The Defenders (Aug 18, 2017) TV Show • Page 5

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Henry, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    Got two episodes in, it's not bad so far. I missed JJ, glad to have her and Trish back and her individual plot is the most interesting of the four. I still find Danny pretty insufferable but at least the episode 1 opening fight scene was cooler than anything he did in his own show. The little Luke/Danny fight was fun, really hope they take full advantage of that pairing later on. Laughing a little at the need to play hip hop EVERY TIME Luke is on screen, his parts are fine so far - I never loved the Cage show but he was never the problem, he's a great Luke. Also loving how much Misty and Colleen are in this so far, both were highlights of their respective shows. Episode 2 ending: Have a feeling things are going to ramp up from here on out with two pairs of characters having interacted. I can't wait to see Jessica/Matt interactions.
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  2. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    I swear 75% of Danny's dialogue is him saying he's the Iron Fist or about Kun Lun.

    Episode 3: We got a team going now! Luke and Danny banter is great. And that office fight scene!
  3. Jake W

    oh my god, I'm back on my bullshit Prestigious

    Are we supposed to dislike Iron Fist? Because I cannot fathom why anyone would like his character.

    I'm on episode 6 and I'm liking it other than him. I forgot how much I love Jess.
  4. Deanna

    Trusted Supporter

    I'm reviewing this for Hidden Remote episode by episode, so it's taking me a bit longer to get through it than usual. About to start episode 3. Iron Fist is definitely my least favorite part so far haha.
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  5. Vivatoto

    There's a candle on Second still burning Prestigious

    Iron Fist is easier to watch when Luke is around calling bullshit on everything says.

    Still feel like the best case scenario is Danny dies and Colleen takes his place.
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  6. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    Danny/Luke combo is definitely the most tolerable form of Danny, makes me wish they just went full on Power Man and Iron Fist for S2 of their respective shows instead of each getting one.
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  7. Deanna

    Trusted Supporter

    Haha I love their scene together in episode 3 at the dojo. Currently writing that review now. My plan is to have 4 done today and then 2 each of the next 2 days. It's a lot but I like reviewing it with not knowing what happens next yet.
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  8. Greg

    The Forgotten Son Supporter

    Just starting episode 4. Digging this so far. It's sort of a slower build in terms of the action, which being 8 episodes should work just fine.

    Using spoil tags, I guess? I'm not saying anything too crazy though.
    Danny is still annoying, but the acting/writing is a little better for him.

    Love Jessica and Murdock.

    I dig Luke wanting to just help people.
  9. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

    I'm kinda getting Power Rangers vibes with how they keep wearing their respective colors and whatnot haha
  10. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

    Fucking loved the last few minutes of the third episode
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  11. Greg

    The Forgotten Son Supporter

    Yea, it's been hitting consistently since then. Almost done with episode 5.
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  12. Tim

    whatever happened to the man of tomorrow Prestigious

    Just finished episode 3, really enjoying it. Only weak link was Iron Fist, of course, but putting him opposite Luke Cage immediately made his scenes so much better. Granted, that's largely 'cause Luke tossed him around in their initial fight, then made fun of his mystical talk, then tore into him for being the privileged dork he is, lol. Also, so nice to see Jessica Jones again. My fav. The ladies of Marvel Netflix are the best characters for sure.

    I'll watch the rest over the next few days. Excited for the rest, but not that into binging it for whatever reason.
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  13. Dodge725


    Only through the first episode and while I'm enjoying it for the Jessica and Murdock stuff so far, it was really jarring with how the direction kept changing. The Luke Cage stuff was often at a weird angle with music always in the background, the Iron Fist stuff had so many quick cuts it was like Moulin Rouge, and Daredevil/Jessica Jones felt like their respective shows which are similar enough to each other but so wildly different from the other 2 it was really all over the place. The forced color palette for each one also didn't help it feel cohesive. I'm thinking this gets sorted out better once they all come together but it was really strange for the first episode to feel like 4 mini episodes of their own shows thrown together.
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  14. Tim

    whatever happened to the man of tomorrow Prestigious

    Honestly, I liked that about it. Definitely a weird flow, but kinda dug how separate and like their own series each character's thread started as, and then how those threads slowly started weaving together in the second episode.
  15. Jusscali

    Trick or Treat Mfer Prestigious

  16. tucah

    not champ Prestigious

    Done. I generally enjoyed it, more for the character interactions than for the plot (which I cared less and less about as the show went on) or most of the fight scenes outside of the great office fight. Pretty much all the women in this show are the best - Jessica is the most consistently entertaining of the main four, Colleen and Claire's friendship was one of few bright spots of Iron Fist and gets a good amount of time in this, Misty is just awesome.

    Miscellaneous spoiler thoughts for the whole thing:
    - Guess we're getting Born Again for Daredevil S3?
    - Misty lost her arm!
    - Kind of wasted Weaver here, felt almost entirely unnecessary. Lots of vague monologuing to Hand leaders, standing around in fancy white outfits and then...boom, dead. Probably just should have had Gao/Elektra as the big bad.
    - I was so sure they'd kill Claire off this series, really glad that ended up not being the case.
    - Loved the variety of pairings we got - Jessica/Matt, Danny/Luke, Jessica/Luke were the highlights. I really hope we get a few cameos of other heroes in the new seasons of their solo shows.
    - I do not want to see more of The Hand. I have had enough.

    Probably ends up being somewhere middle of the road for me as far as the Netflix series go - I like it more than the second half of Luke Cage/DD S2 and Iron Fist but that's about it. Still a mostly enjoyable ride, cool to see 60+ episodes culminate in something like this.
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  17. EmmanuelSCastle


    Hey thank you guys so much for using spoiler tags cause I have no idea when in the weekend I get to watch this :/
  18. EmmanuelSCastle


    It looks like most of you dig it so far?
  19. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Ep 2, and I just chuckled at Matt, a blind man, opening a chest just to "look" at his suit
  20. Greg

    The Forgotten Son Supporter

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  21. Dodge725


    Finished 4 and it's gotten much better now that they are together. All the stuff with The Hand and Winter Soldi...I mean Elektra is kind of whatever at this point, though. Most important thing I've learned is that I made the right choice not watching Iron Fist because he sucks.
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  22. Shakriel

    Don’t fuck with me, I will cry. Prestigious

    Giving this a shot. The first episode was ok. I never got far into Luke Care, DDS2, and skipped IF.
  23. stayillogical

    Kayak, deed, rotator, noon, racecar, Woo Young-woo Prestigious

    I want to watch this really badly for Jessica Jones alone, but there's some part of me that's really OCD about doing things in the correct order and I never finished Luke Cage or watched Iron Fist.
  24. Letterbomb31

    Trusted Prestigious

    The first two episodes are ok, but I feel like they could've easily been condensed into one. It's pretty slow so far.
  25. TEGCRocco

    Cyclops Stan

    First two were sort of slow, but I appreciated catching up with characters (especially Jessica and her cast, who I did not realize I missed nearly as much as I did) and getting them to a point where they'd somewhat naturally wind up together rather than forcing them together right off the bat.
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