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Marvel's Runaways (Hulu, Marvel) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by joe727, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. joe727 Aug 18, 2016
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    Marvel's Runaways or simply Runaways. Upcoming teen superhero series on Hulu. Adaptation of the acclaimed 2003 Brian K Vaughn comic. Showrunners with be be Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage the creators of Gossip Girl and one half of the creators of The OC.
    This was already talked about in the MCU thread but my hype for this is so huge, and is something alot of us have waited years for so I figured i'd make it's own thread.

    A group of teens living in Los Angeles of widely different backgrounds, ages, and personalities have casually known eachother their entire lives because once a year their parents have an annual get together, and they get locked in "the kid room" together while their parents party with eachother, or so they assume. One year everything changes when they decide to get curious about what their parents actually do during this annual party and to their horror they discover their parents are actually supervillans planning world destruction. They then run away together, discover hidden superpowers or artifacts that they inherited from their parents, and then use them to try to stop their parents' evil plans.

    Alex Wilder, son of mob bosses: Leader of the Runaways. He is a socially awkward nerd who is obsessed with MMORPGs. He does not have any real supepowers or special artifacts but he is a natural prodigy in strategy and tactics.

    Nico Minoru, daughter of dark wizards: Could be considered the secondary leader of the Runaways. She is a Japanese American with a distinctive Victorian Gothic fashion style. She has a magic staff called "Staff of One" that allows her to cast any spell she can think of, but only one time.

    Chase Stein, son of mad scientists: At 18 he is the oldest of the Runaways but is definitely the most immature. He is an unmotivated slacker and a jock. He has flame shaping gauntlets, X-Ray goggles, and a large quasi-sentient stealth craft named "Leapfrog" that serves as the Runaways' transportation.

    Gertrude Yorkes, daughter of time traveling bandits: She is pink haired, sarcastic, cynical, and outspokenly politically progressive. She has a genetically engineered pet Velociraptor named "Old Lace" whom she has a telepathic link with and can control.

    Karolina Dean, daughter of alien invaders: She grew up rich and affluent but extremely sheltered due to her celebrity quasi-Scientologist actor parents. She is struggling with finding out she is an extraterrestrial and questioning her sexuality at the same time. Her alien race has solar based powers.

    Molly Hayes, daughter of evil Mutants (will probably be changed to Inhumans for the MCU): She is a pre-teen and the youngest, smallest, and most innocent of the Runaways. She acts as sort of the "little sister" to the rest of the group. She has temporary bursts of incredible super strength followed by naps.

    There are a few other members in later runs of the comics but they don't come in until after the initial main story is told.
  2. I'm afraid to get my hopes up because this could become a complete disaster so easily.
  3. Have they confirmed it will be the original group?
  4. joe727

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    Nah i'm just kind of assuming. I don't know how they can do it properly without having it be the original group to start due to the whole "Cabal" thing with the parents being such an integral part of the initial story and the group getting together. I figure they'll bring in probably Victor Mancha, Noh-Varr, and a some version of Xavin at point but i don't know if they'd do it initially.
  5. Tim

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  6. plz be gud
  7. Tim

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  8. Tim

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  9. Tim

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    Cool to see that the poster on my wall is coming to life. Kinda wish they could've gone younger with Molly, but still, HYPE.

    More hyped for this and Cloak & Dagger than pretty much any other upcoming comic book television, tbh.
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  10. oakhurst


    Will be watching this solely for Virginia Gardner
  11. tucah

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    Fuck you, Alex. Gotta get that out of the way.
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  15. Blimp City Hero

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    This looks like it could be great. The best of all is OLD LACE! haha
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  16. Didn't have a chance to watch it before. PURITY RING IN THE TRAILER.
  17. That trailer was fantastic.
  18. EarlyMorningRiser

    Keep on the sunny side.

    The effects on Karolina look pretty good!
  19. tucah

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    I cannot wait for this.
  20. Tim

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    Nico! Old Lace! I just wish they could've gotten an actual small child for Molly, but I totally get why they couldn't.

    Anyways, pumped for this, but not sure how I'll end up watching it. Do episodes of Hulu Originals cycle out, or do they all stay up permanently? I might wait 'til the end, and then get Hulu just long enough to binge it all. (I used to have Hulu, so not sure if I can take advantage of another free trial, lol.)
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  21. They stay up. It'll be there for good.
  22. tucah

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    First three up now.
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  23. Contender

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    I have an hour of work left, and nothing to do. Now I do.
  24. awakeohsleeper

    I do not exist.

    Did this ever get picked up for the UK?
  25. Had no idea Marsters was in this.