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    it’s still just the bike that is on fire and yeah Paul Scheer has been writing the cosmic ghost rider series where he just destroys marvel history and it’s been fun.
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    Along the lines of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe? That does sound cool, I may check that out. Huge Ghost Rider fan as a kid and teen (showing my age) .
  3. PauLo

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    I need to get Marvel Unlimited again
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    He's is a schizophrenic who has multiple personas, son of a rabbi who escaped the holocaust, his right hand man is in love with him, escaped duty and being an agent to become a mercenary only to be sucked into becoming worshipped as an Egyptian god and then turned into a superhero... it's complicated to say the least. I just don't want something like daredevil1.0 to happen because he's just a very complicated character, I think a show would do more justice.
  5. justin.

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    A twitter user who got a lot of stuff right about Endgame said that the MCU has plans for the Thunderbolts with Abomination, Justin Hammer, Ross, Zemo and Ghost as the team and The Leader being a villain.
  6. I'd be curious to see what era of Moon Knight they would even draw from. A lot of the stories have been radically different. I think something in line with the more recent runs could be really fucking cool. The stuff with him escaping a mental institute that was created by the Egyptian gods was so damn cool. The Warren Ellis books were great because it showed you the Batman side of his character. The 06 story was probably my fave because it was gritty and gory. That story with Bushman was fucking awesome.
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  7. Tim

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    Thunderbolt Ross as Red Hulk & Zemo as Citizen V would be pretty rad. I also liked Ghost a lot, seemingly more than most.

    Would be funny to see Thunderbolts used as the loophole to give Incredible Hulk a sorta sequel, lol.
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    I hope Hannah John Kamen plays Ghost again
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    Just looked up Earth 833, but it looks like the only character from there in the comics is Spider-UK.
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    So that definitely has me assuming that Mysterio is lying about the multiverse since the MCU is Earth-19999
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    So The New Mutants was rescheduled again this morning and pushed back to April 3, 2020. I'm starting to see theories that they could be attempting to rework it so that it fits in the MCU.
  14. Dodger

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    Hmm that’s an interesting theory. It’s hard for me to imagine Feige allowing that but then again TalyorJoy and Williams being added to the MCU sounds like a smart move
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    Kevin Feige ain't ever using anything he didn't produce, y'all, seriously.

    Deadpool movies will probably continue to exist under the Fox banner, separate from the MCU. Actors from the MCU having cameos in his films isn't outside the realm of possibility, but I'd be shocked if an MCU film ever used Ryan Reynolds. Just like how nothing in any Marvel Television series outside of the Disney+ shows & Agent Carter (the only ones w/ Feige as a producer) is likely to ever carry over.

    New Mutants is probably just coming out 'cause it's a nearly finished film. Might as well get something out of it.
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    Also, I find it interesting that next year will be the first year with only 2 MCU movies since 2016.
  17. AndrewSoup

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    just recalled that one of my favorite lines in all the MCU is still from Infinity War b/w Star Lord and Dr Strange;

    Dr Strange: "Ok, let me ask you this one time, what master do you serve?"
    Star Lord: "What am I supposed to say, Jesus??"
  18. TEGCRocco


    That whole exchange was brilliant.

    Tony: "You're from Earth?"
    Quill: "I'm not from Earth, I'm from Missouri"
    Tony: "Yeah that's on Earth dipshit"
  19. Rowan5215

    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    I always think about this line when I remember Chris Pratt's weird anti-LGBT church deal lol
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    Oh man the Rocket stuff
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  25. He says there are plans to bring in the real Mandarin. huh.