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  1. Still an awesome panel

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    Is Runaways worth watching?
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    Yes, its a fun show .
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    Good guy, but a bad dude

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    Rewatching Avengers 1 for the first time in a while and can’t help but wonder why Loki wants to get captured on the Helicarrier. He gains nothing from being captured and freed by Hawkeye that he didn’t already have. All he does is hamper SHIELD which couldn’t of put up a good fight against the Chitari and bring the Avengers together. It would make sense if he needed a final goober for the machine, but he honestly gains nothing, loses Hawkeye, and creates the team that will defeat him when there’s no obvious benefit.
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    I miss Marvel Avengers Alliance. I wish they didn't shut it down.
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  9. Correct me if I'm remembering incorrectly, but I kind of hate that Lizzie, Gwyn (and ScarJo?) were at one point or another kind of reduced to the role of love interest. I hope that doesn't happen with Brie.
  10. I don’t think that’ll happen given that she’s the lead in her own solo flick. At least I hope not.
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  12. (Put ScarJo in parentheses because I can't remember Age of Ultron that well, but I kindasorta remember something weird going on with Widow and Banner.

    Also Zoe? I think plot-wise she's consistently more Thanos' daughter/Nebula's sister than she is Starlord's love interest, so I didn't include her)
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    Star Lord is basically the "main character" of the Guardians films, but they're ensemble enough, and Gamora fleshed out enough, that I don't really see her as "his" so much as I see them as two characters who happen to be falling in love with each other while on their own journeys of maturity. The way this was handled in Infinity War was a lot messier than in Gunn's films because superhero events blow everything up, but the romance was still not the main focus.

    The whole Black Widow/Hulk thing was just weird and bad. Please let that very brief awkwardness in Infinity War be the end of that; we don't need a conversation about it in Endgame.

    I wouldn't say that Scarlet Witch was ever painted as a "love interest," unless any sort of romance counts (which, I don't think it does). If anything, Vision has kinda served as her love interest. Though, I'm admittedly biased in only seeing good in that pairing, lol. :scarlet::heart::vision:

    It'll be interesting to see how they handle Captain Marvel. Though, even more interesting will be how they handle Wasp. They made such a lame big deal about her being the first Marvel lady to get her name in a film's name, but it'd be pretty easy to let Ant-Man overshadow her going forward. Captain Marvel is easy to not mess up, but Wasp would be easy to sideline. (Speaking of Wasps, I don't know what the plan is for Janet going forward, but it'd be cool if she ended up on the post-Endgame Avengers roster instead of Scott, Hope, or Hank.)
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  14. Yeah, their relationship was honestly one of my favorite parts of Infinity War.

    I didn't even think of her. I guess it's the same deal with Gamora, I think of her more as Hank's daughter. That relationship felt more central to the story. (But now I feel like I'm doing that thing where it's like, they're not just someone's daughter or sister, they're people.)
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    She was never well utilized, but I remember liking her in both the Thor films and the couple times she ended up on Agents of SHIELD. I'm glad her busy schedule kept her from being killed in Ragnarok, lol.
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    I’ll believe it when I see it
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    Vision & the Scarlet Witch would be the absolute best, for real. I need that in my life. I love their classic comic romance, the Tom King Vision series, and the under appreciated James Robinson Scarlet Witch series.

    If the Sif series uses Beta Ray Bill (I'm highly skeptical of that, but IF), that one will also rule. A Kate Bishop Hawkeye series would, too.
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    new footage for endgame will be shown off during the super bowl
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    At this point I think Marvel is just being careful with which heroes they put on TV. With phase 4 and probably the settings stones for phase 5 (whatever they are named) being planned right now, they probably want to keep all of their characters available for the films.
  24. On top of that, it feels like there may be an over-saturation of superhero shows on tv right now. There's just so many.