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    Wonder if the disjointedness of Vice might put an end to that...
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    Rewatched Iron Man 3 on Christmas, as I always do over the holidays. The whole lack of full armor for a decent chunk really does continue to work for me. I love seeing Tony use makeshift weapons & pieces of tech in civilian clothes.

    Also loved that in Civil War, when he briefly used that glove. It's like when Andrew Garfield rocked web shooters in his wristbands, a vibe that Into the Spider-Verse also captured. As long as it's not a substitute for actually giving me costumed action, sneaky civilian superheroics rule.

    Anyways, this morning, I rewatched the first hour of Infinity War on Netflix. First time since theaters, using my phone. And, without the big screen, I do still like it. I've just got such a complicated relationship with the film, where I mostly dig it for what it is while it's on, but if I let myself think about it, I can't ignore my problems with it.

    I'd say my biggest issue is the length. An hour in, I needed a break. There's not a lot I'd outright delete, but I would love to have a couple shorter versions of the film. Maybe one that only follows Thor, Thanos, & the Guardians, and another that follows the earth Avengers (including following Tony into space). I can't do 2.5 hrs of pure punishing spectacle without an engaging underlying theme. But, something under 2 hrs could be doable.
  3. I personally think Iron Man 3 is one of the better Marvel films. I love what they were going for with that movie. I loved the idea of civillian Tony, loved the Mandarin twist (felt very topical), liked the PTSD refences (which felt like a great lead in to Ultron) and loved the buddy cop stuff with Rhodey.

    Yeah, it’s not perfect but it was a fairly ambitious film.
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    I’m glad others like Iron Man 3. I always thought it’s underrated. Most people around me just trash it.
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    Iron Man 3 has always been one of my favorite MCU movies. I love the direction it took Tony Stark's character in
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    My brother still complains about the Mandarin twist every time I bring up the film, lol. But, just over five years later, with the absurd amount of Marvel & DC content pouring out per year... It's still a film I enjoy revisiting. I like it more than any of the 3 Avengers films, more than Homecoming... less than Winter Soldier or the first Iron Man, but I think I've watched it more than either of them...

    For its flaws, it's just a very watchable, fun film to me. *shrug*
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  7. I think my only real gripe with IM3 is the freefall save fakeout. It’s such a great sequence right up until the last 3 seconds.
  8. Is it just me or is the opening scene of Infinity War really weird? I’m watching it now and it still doesn’t make sense to me.
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    What doesn’t make sense about it?
  10. Basically Loki. I get that he’s the god of mischief but nothing he does seems to make sense given that it ultimately seems like they have a plan to have the Hulk attack Thanos.

    And if there was no plan where was the Hulk the whole time?
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    I still want a Moon Knight movie
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  12. Its so weird that the two Marvel products I like most are TV series and I have waned interest in either of them. I feel like Moon Knight would end up being the same.

    I'm also worried that people might get too much of a Legion vibe with Moon Knight.
  13. Over the past few days, I rewatched Infinity War, and then rewatched Ragnarok.

    1) I read online that Loki uses his left hand to attack Thanos, which is what he usually does when he's using a decoy. So is Loki expected to be in Avengers 4?
    2) I also read online, and noticed upon rewatch, that Thor says Thanos killed half his people, but the entire ship got destroyed. Did he mean that the other half was killed with Asgard, or did the population at some point get divided?
    3) Lastly, I read online (someone here?) a criticism that Thor loses an eye and a hammer in Ragnarok, but gains both back in Infinity War relatively easily.
    4) I just noticed, if the mid-credits scene of Ragnarok leads right into Infinity War, where's Valkyrie?
    5) I also just noticed, in Ragnarok, Banner is afraid if he turns into Hulk he won't turn back. In Infinity War, Banner can't turn back into the Hulk. What?
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    It’s hard to know since the film starts after the intial attack. Perhaps Hulk was knocked unconscious and got back up after Loki already revealed the tesseract. There had to be some form of struggle before the film starts because Thor was in bad shape the first time we see him.
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    1) The directors keep saying Loki is 100% dead and that it wasn’t a decoy. Loki will be in Avengers 4 but will probably be due to time travel.
    2) Probably was just an error in dialogue because Thanos definitely killed more than half.
    3) True
    4) Spoilers but it’s been confirmed that Valkyrie escaped in a pod and abandoned ship before Thanos could kill her5) Some people think that Hulk was afraid of turning back up after being smacked around by Thanos. The directors said Hulk refused to return because he was tired of playing “hero” for banner.
  16. How big was the pod, though
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    I'm pretty sure someone, like a Russo or a writer, confirmed that Thanos killed half the Asgardian survivors. Like someone commenting on how going through Ragnarok, then losing half to Thanos' attack, then half of that to the snap, sucks for them.

    As for the directors' claims... I think of that all as kayfabe, just playing the part in selling this as something big. I personally believe present day Loki is actually dead for narrative reasons, but in the spirit of Marvel comic events, I don't definitively believe anything 'til it's all done.
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    I want Moon Knight and Nova movie, probably 2 of my favourite characters.
  19. I want Sentry or nothing!
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    if you compare the ship being attacked at the beginning of IW to the shit at the end of Ragnarok, it’s at half the size. The theory is that Valkyrie/Korg took half the ship and escaped before Thanos attacked. Sure, it could have been destroyed, but why would Thanos only destroy half a ship when what he wants could have been on that half?
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    I definitely wanna see a Moon Knight movie, but even more than that, I've been hoping for Shang-Chi. Which, seems to actually be in some form on development, which makes me happy.

    Both are characters I worried at one point would get the TV treatment before getting movies, but the one upside to these Netflix cancellations is that's probably not an option anymore.

    Either Sentry or Squadron Supreme w/ Hyperion would be cool, just to see how Marvel would approach a direct analogue to DC. Maybe they could even get a former Superman actor for the role.
  22. I don't know if it was mentioned here, but there is a two or three year block on all of the cancelled Marvel shows. They cannot be developed for the Disney streaming service until 2021, I believe.
  23. A friend of mine at work mentioned this to me. That’s a bummer. Despite the flaws I still enjoyed a good portion if the Netflix Marvel Universe. My big gripe is that it wasn’t more tied to the lrger MCU but I can understand the logistics if why it was not.
  24. I don’t remember what series it was (World War Hulk?) but I remember really liking Sentry and his reluctance to become Sentry again...if I really remember it correctly at all haha.
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    I know Marvel already has their new Phase 3 properties, upcoming projects like Eternals, and eventually those Fox properties. But, I still think this is a good point at which to considering moving some characters into the movies, instead of just relaunching the shows.

    Wonder if a similar rule applies to Inhumans. Between Eternals & X-Men, they don't need 'em anymore. But, there's no way they're not planning on introducing Ms Marvel eventually, which is a perfect place for a soft reboot of the royal family.

    I know a lot of readers at the time hated Sentry, lol, as much as Paul Jenkins & Bendis tried to make him a thing. Donny Cates' short Doctor Strange run reintroduced the character, though, which resulted in a miniseries by Jeff Lemire; both of those were really well received.

    At his best, Sentry is a cool deconstruction & love letter to Superman. Which, that's an overdone trope post-Watchmen, but when it works, it's still cool. And, doing that deconstruction of Golden Age DC in Marvel's continuity is kind of inherently interesting to me. (Same reason I find Marvel's Justice League analogue, Squadron Supreme, interesting.)