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    Ten years later, this film still rules:
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    I love her so much for this film. I listened to this before watching the movie and it made it so much more enjoyable.

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    Yeah, I think Marvel might have been trying to give a nod to the House of M story (hopefully we still get it in the MCU at some point) and didn't really pay attention to the historical meaning.
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    I recently found out that Lexi was part of a hooligan (soccer firm) gang when she was younger and that's actually kind of BA. Not in the sense that there might have been violence over soccer but that she could handle that. Tough as nails.
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    So out of all the MCU movies I’ve seen Spider-man and the first Avengers..

    I saw Iron Man when it first came out but don’t remember anything about it.

    I don’t go back to work until next Wednesday so I’m about to work my way through the entire list. Starting with Captain America. This should be fun.
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  8. Brother Beck


    She is ridiculously BA. No question. This is from her wiki page -->

    "Alexander began studying martial arts, specifically judo, when she was 8 years old. At 14, she switched to Shotokan karate. She has a third-degree black belt in karate.[2]

    Alexander excelled at kickboxing, where after two years in the sport, she joined the German National Team.[10] She won the German point fighting championships four times and the European championships two times.[2]

    In 1994, at the age of 19, Alexander became the World Kickboxing Association world champion in karate-point fighting in Atlantic City."

    Green Street Hooligans is an absolutely awesome movie. Punisher: War Zone is not my favorite kind of movie as I don't really like The Punisher all that much as a character, but strikes me as exactly what a Punisher movie should be.
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    I love Green Street.
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    Green Street Hooligans is one of my faves
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  13. Lets gooooooo
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    Looks like the snap eventually got Caps beard :-/
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    Hawkeye as Ronin!