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Mark Hoppus Shares Message About the Power of Music

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 16, 2019.

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  2. CyberInferno

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    I couldn't agree more. This is why I will still go to shows, even by myself at times, for the experience. I've also noticed that certain songs make me emotional in different ways (not sure if that's attributable to age, being a father, or something else).
  3. fredwordsmith

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    I was already a dude who cries pretty easily, but being a father lets me express emotion at the drop of a hat.

    My kids both sung along to Adam's Song when we saw them last week and it was a real hammer of emotions. Then they both screamed All the Small Things and it was like a complete pendulum swing.

    Then they started yelling and we left the concert an hour early.
  4. failinginplace


    Only loosely related- when I hear someone talk about the "power of music" I instantly think about the Teen Titans Go "Night Begins to Shine" trio of episodes. I watched the crap out of that with my kids (now almost 5, and 2), and loved sharing every second of it. There's some damn good covers of the title song by CeeLo and Fall Out Boy in it that add to it. I absolutely love sharing music with my kids, and finding new life in old tunes. I've recently begun playing old oooold Goo Goo Dolls for them (specifically Superstar Car Wash) and they jam out. My oldest has some developmental delays and has trouble expressing himself using words, but when he hears The 1975 "The Sound" he absolutely lights up and begins furiously tapping his chest with a big smile (for the "the sound of your heart" line). And, tying it all together, about a month ago I really began jamming the "Darkside" video by Blink and my kids love seeing all the kids dancing in it.

    I've always been obsessed with music (I play drums, have been in a band, blah blah blah) but I love that a new angle in my life to love music through my kids has been discovered. One of my earliest links with this is the night we were going to bring my firstborn home from the hospital was the same night I was supposed to go to the farewell Anberlin show in my town, and I was equal parts crushed (the show) and happy (bringing my child home). About two weeks later was when Yahoo streamed the NYC Anberlin show, and I stood in my home office holding my baby while gently dancing with him to one of my favorite bands playing live. It was amazing. I'm glad I was able to get a second chance at this show when Anberlin came to town on their random tour, and I hope they come again in a few years as I would love to take my kid to their show in the same way that @fredwordsmith took his. At least until he loses his shit and we have to leave :P
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  5. fredwordsmith

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    This is a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing.

    One thing that really helps kids with DD that I've seen are good seats way in the back (so they can really get a feel for what's going on) and headphones, so it's not too scary. Both of my kids wear these to every show - they don't get hot, they stay on and they'll deaden the sound without making it flat. Outdoor festivals are also a great way to test the waters to see how they'll do at a show. We took our son to Warped Tour in 2016 when he was just shy of three and my wife was 7 months pregnant. I wouldn't recommend a 95* parking lot for a pregnant woman, but for a kid to run around in the back and see people jumping up and down to the bands dad loves (Yellowcard and NFG respectively) it was a great immersion to where we are now.

    PS - My 3 year old daughter LOVES "The Sound." Like, favorite song of all time - no matter what kind of bad mood she's in or where we are, if she hears it, she will lose her shit and just start dancing. Which is great for me selfishly as a 1975 fan, but really hard for grandma and grandpa when they're babysitting and she's shouting on the floor for them to "play the sound" and they think it's just noises.
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