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Mark Hoppus Doing Bass Play Throughs on Twitch

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 10, 2022.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. snaps

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    I’ve been watching some of these on YouTube. Real good! Unfortunately it seems like the links aren’t working on the forum.
  3. artofjosephshelton

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    That's because he doesn't keep them. If you don't catch them live, you miss them unless someone rips it and posts it on youtube. Which, in fact, yesterday he kinda called people out on for doing it. Saying it's just for fun, to get his playing back into recording shape. That it's not a performance, so please don't rip it and post it. They are rad tho, if you can catch them. And it's just cool seeing him enjoying all of his songs, new and old, and relearning them again. By far the coolest thing on Twitch, I think.
  4. Rustash


    Aw man, I've been picking up the bass and have been learning blink songs as a way to get a general feel for it, so I really enjoyed using these as references. But I totally understand him wanting to have them taken down.
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  5. gbuffers


    I feel like that’s indicative of society. People can’t just enjoy things for what they are and what they were intended for anymore. Must be frustrating when he’s just trying to do it for fun.

    Didn’t catch them but it’s good that he can use them to get back into playing and enjoying the music. Nice little treat for the fans watching too.
  6. artofjosephshelton

    just chillin' right now.

    Good for you, man! Crazy after all these years, this band can make us want to pick up instruments and jam along and peruse tab sites we've read thousands of times. Awesome, awesome stuff. Absolutely the best treat for the fans, like you said. Probably makes their whole year when he verbally replies to them in the chat. So cool.