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Mariel From Candy Hearts Details Abuse From Tour Manager

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 23, 2016.

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    Mariel from Candy Hearts has posted a blog alleging she was physically assaulted and emotionally abused by Seaway’s tour manager.

    Here’s the thing: It is never, ever, okay to lay a finger on another person, even if they’re a girl infiltrating your little circle of fun-loving bro-dudes at a pop punk show. I don’t care if no one believes me, but I can’t live with this weighing on my chest anymore. It’s been almost a year and it haunts me. Every single day I wake up and remember he told me no one is going to believe me, how I was just a crazy girl who’s band was terrible and he was going to make sure he ruined my career. Have fun on your last tour as a band, he said. So I kept quiet. I keep quiet because every day I see another band I love repping Seaway, and I’m afraid. I’m afraid and feel isolated.

  2. kelly


    I can't fucking believe here we are again. Something needs to change. I am sick and tired of my friends feeling unsafe and getting hurt.
  3. bcapps

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    Really heartbreaking that this happened to Mariel, and devastating for the state of our "scene" that she felt she had to keep it hidden for her career not to be ruined.

    It's good, in a way, that more of these stories are coming to light, but what's really disheartening is things aren't changing quickly enough and they keep happening. I hope that Mariel's post gets shared widely, and that people stop supporting abusers with time, money, and attention, but also that it helps encourage others to come forward and expose some of the dark corners of our often toxically-masculine "scene."
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  4. smoke4thecaper

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    Jesus Christ, this scene is run by fuckwits who refuse to rat on one another or stand up for the abused b/c it's so selfishly driven by career-minded goals, that no one wants to step on anyone else's toes. It's fucked, and if the bullshit w/ Pure Noise couldn't get things moving.... what will? I'm legitimately concerned, as we all should be.
  5. Stephen Young

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    Fucking christ, again?

    also, wasn't seaway the band that was on tour with harry corrigan's band when that story came out, and they only dropped that tour once the heat got too real?
  6. wakaflockajamez

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    Can someone post the full text here? Cannot "tumble" on work PC. Thanks!
  7. Stephen Young

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  8. mercury

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    For anyone who has asked or wondered why abuse victims don't speak up, this needs to be bolded and highlighted and underlined and featured:

    I'm so disgusted at how commonplace and accepted this sort of occurrence is.
  9. Man, I thought Seaway was above this bullshit. Sad to see that this stuff keeps running deeper and deeper.
  10. Audrey Horne

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    What makes this doubly fucked up if I remember correctly (please do correct me if I'm wrong, it's entirely possible I have this guy mixed up with another), she was actually defending this guy, goes on tour with his associates and then this happens.
  11. Leftandleaving

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    this is so fucked
  12. wakaflockajamez

    die die die, cry cry cry

  13. TDenverFan


    Seaway hasn't posted anything on social media since this post, wonder if they'l make a statement
  14. Jacob Davidson


    She was defending John James Ryan on Twitter pretty vehemently but Not Harry Corrigan

    JJR is the one who tried to cover up Harry's sexual assault.
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  15. Chuck!


    Mariel mentions in the post that she may delete it eventually, so I don't want to repost it here where she wouldn't have the ability to delete the text. Otherwise I'd do it for ya.
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  16. wakaflockajamez

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    Thanks, I will try to read it when I get home.
  17. mercury

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    And cue Tumblr anons sending her hate for it. Great.
  18. fbrrocks


    wow im sorry
  19. fbrrocks


    Candy Hearts frontwoman accuses Seaway tour manager of assault (UPDATED) | Substream Magazine
    UPDATE: Substream has spoken with Candy Hearts frontwoman Mariel Loveland directly regarding this incident. She would not confirm the identity of Seaway’s tour manager, but Substream can independently confirm that his name is Zach Chad.

    “He has known violent tendencies and I’ve heard him talk about beating people up and I’ve heard him threatening people,” Loveland tells Substream. “I just didn’t think he would do that to a girl—not that it’s right to do that to a boy either. He talks a lot of trash so it’s really hard to gauge what’s a real threat when he says it.”

    Loveland’s history with Chad goes back a number to 2014 when the two briefly dated; Loveland describes their relationship as rocky.

    “He was extremely emotionally abusive to me during the time we dated, to the point where he made me think almost everyone we toured with in the scene hated me and thought I was stupid and annoying,” she shares with Substream. “It’s crappy he was like to me, but I left [details of our personal relationship] out of my Tumblr post because it’s personal and I don’t think that affects anyone else. That’s just our private business. Though I certainly hope he does not treat other women that way.”

    Substream has also received word that Chad has been terminated from his position in Seaway as a result of this incident going public but we have not yet received direct confirmation on that.
  20. Anthony_ May 23, 2016
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    Saddened to hear another story like this come up. People like Loveland shouldn't have to feel like they can't talk about their experiences but that is the culture we're still living in. Not just in any specific music scene but in our country as a whole. She suffered in private for over a year with this burden, at least now those with functioning hearts/brains can offer what support we can. It's only too unfortunate that along with that support will come the requisite ignorance and hate.

    Was never familiar with her band but I will count myself among those offering said support.
  21. heymynameisjoe

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    based on his twitter, it looks like the guy has a solid career of substitute teaching to fall back on
  22. A year too late if you ask me. Especially if it's a result of it going public.

    He'll probably be TM'ing for Four Year Strong by the end of the week.
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  23. notbrokejustbent


    That's the world at large too. There's zero concern with others, just themselves.

    And of course this fuckwad's name is "Chad."
  24. skogsraet

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    Sites like Chorus make me hopeful that we are learning how to approach abuse, as a society. Places like FB and Twitter give everyone a voice and it's easy to see that there's still lots of work to be done, especially in the music industry where so much of an artists success is governed by politics and in cases involving artists, further complicated by passionate fans refusing to believe wrongdoing on the part of artists. Even still, I'm glad to see the messages of support for Loveland here, even if it's just a small corner of the internet. I might be hopelessly optimistic in saying that I do feel like the scene is changing, though I also believe this is going to take a long time to fix. With cases like JJR's, in the music industry and out, it's obvious that there are still too many people refusing to hold each other accountable and even helping silence victims. In a relatively close knit community with a history of misogyny, this is so deep seated a problem that even places like Chorus that help put the wheels in motion to give a voice to victims and protect the community from sexual violence, it's going to take more than a couple years to change and evolve into a safe space for everyone.
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  25. CheapPop


    Really sucks to hear about this. I follow her on IG, and im pretty sure i remember pictures of her with this Chad guy back when they were dating.

    It's damn shame she had to go through this.