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Margot & the Nuclear So and So's Band • Page 5

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Matt Metzler, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Joe4th

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    Talking in Code
    Broadripple is Burning
    Skeleton Key
    Flying Saucer Blues
    When You’re Gone
    Long Legged
    Holy Cow
    Quiet as a Mouse
    Coonskin Cap
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  2. Matt Metzler

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  3. Matt Metzler

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    Hey, couple things: I am officially doing fulfillment stuff for Richard now, so if any of you have orders from the past that went wonky or got lost in the mail or whatever, reach out with the details and I'll get you something cool, even if it's not the thing you ordered a long long time ago...

    Secondly, Richard's gut stuff is flaring up on him again for the first time in a minute... hell of a week for it to happen, as we're announcing the new LP and releasing the first single on Friday X-(

    Richard doesn't particularly like accepting donations when medical stuff comes up, but I've talked him into taking some this time around. He's seeing a new doctor tomorrow, so fingers crossed. We're just trying to make sure he's got enough to cover this new doc without dipping too far into funds for promoting the new album.

    Anybody who wants to donate can send to me, and I'll send it all to Richard this evening in one transfer, and if you do, please tell me your favorite era of Margot/Richard's music and I'll send you some digital rarities from around then, and try my damndest to make some of it stuff that's never been released publicly.
  4. Matt Metzler

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  5. Matt Metzler

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  7. Matt Metzler

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    I've been making something of a Margot/Richard release encyclopedia. Still a bit of info and polish to add throughout, and as of yet no narrative text to help navigate through the catalog, but I'd love to have some people start clicking around to make sure nothing's totally busted before Richard starts sharing it...

    Profound Discomfort

    Hoping in part it will serve as a guide to casual listeners who want to explore further.
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  8. neo506

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    Kinda bummed Rot Gut reissue is going with the "abandoned" art. I've always loved the llama
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  9. Matt Metzler

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    Same, tbh… also there are lots more alt covers I’d prefer over the orange one
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  10. Matt Metzler

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    ssth silver.jpg

    New re-recorded "director's cut" of Sling Shot To Heaven now shipping.

    /1000 total, 500 silver and 500 gold. Available on Richard's Bandcamp, and really beautiful (as always).
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