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Manchester Orchestra Launch Patreon

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 17, 2020.

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    Manchester Orchestra have launched a Patreon:

    I feel like artistically, our subscription service should also have a concept, a time frame where there is a theme revolving around what we are releasing each month. This first theme is called “Simple Math/Sinful Math.” Next year marks the ten year anniversary of our third album, Simple Math. While writing that album we always had plans to go back and release a much more raw and exposed version of this album with new songs and no strings. we are already planning a really cool expansive LP including the songs from Sinful Math, acoustic demos, and full band demos to be released next year. I’ve thought about this a lot for many years and my biggest concern was making sure that what we ended up releasing and providing is actually worth your money. I hope this is a way where we can lift the curtain on this album and really pull it apart while also releasing extra goodies and all sorts of content from us. Thank you, as always, for supporting our band and if this is something that you aren’t interested in or can’t afford at the moment I can assure you that we will continue putting all of our best interests and passion into creating the best music that we possibly can. We really love you all.

  2. tyler2tall

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    I wonder how many people signup for these music Patreon’s once, download everything and then bail.
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  3. Tom Lee

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    I wonder if they got the idea from the success of Kevin's Patreon. I don't know if I can afford to commit to more than one monthly Patreon!
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  4. Tata Toothy


    What exactly do you mean by download everything and bail? I’m guessing you didn’t read the tiers. This is a monthly Patreon were you receive songs once a month not all up front. Patreon would be a garbage and pointless site if it was run like you’re describing.
  5. tyler2tall

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    On every Patreon that I support you get the back catalogue for free. So essentially wait a year and then sign up for a month and get a years worth of content.