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    I know it's not on the *official* album, but it's on the Deluxe version that I bought from iTunes, so I always just considered it as part of Cope considering I've never had a version of Cope without it (it's the only LP of theirs that I do not own). The deluxe is also on Spotify as well.
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    Both of the bonus songs that I am aware of are on my version of the album.
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    Never Really Another Way Out and After the Scripture were only officially released with Cope on iTunes. Best b-side from that album was 'The Andy Prince Song' though.
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    I have no idea what that is.
  5. After the Scripture is sooooo good
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    I was mostly joking, but they were short little clips of a song they wrote about Andy Prince when he joined the band. They had them on their four Magic Moments videos leading up to the release of Cope. Here's one:

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    Daisy has always sucked
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    Drinking and listening to this band is a great combo
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    Yes!! I probably listen to that song as much as, if not more than any MO song
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    its okay with me tho
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  12. serotonin Jun 3, 2019
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    That song breaks me every time I listen to it.

    Anne Louise does the same, the first verse is so calm but its describing a brief chaotic moment, its almost hard to understand what he's talking about.
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    Fourteen Years really should be on Spotify
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    I bet if we tweet andy to put it up everyday they’d either do it or we’d get blocked or both
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    Or you could just @ @ManchesterOrch8 on here every day. Same affect.
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    Please don't do that.

    But also, just add it to your phones manually. :thumbup:
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    I voted for Means Everything... but it was really difficult to not pick Black Mile... I honestly could go either way. Based on the results of the poll so far, this is not a controversial opinion.
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