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Making A Murderer (Netflix) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Making a Murderer is an American web television series that first streamed on Netflix on December 18, 2015. The first season recounts the story of Steven Avery, a man who was imprisoned for the sexual assault and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen, and who was later exonerated, only to be subsequently accused and convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach.[2] The series was filmed over the course of ten years, with the creators moving back and forth from New York to Wisconsin during filming. The first episode was released on YouTube the same day the first season was released on Netflix to promote the series, something Netflix had not previously done for any other original programming.
  2. suicidesaints

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    I'd love more than anything for the second season to be a complete 180 of the first and just show the entire thing from the prosecution's side.
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  3. brentkid


    Yeah to be honest I'm not really interested in more of the same narrative. There was a heavy bias regardless of the fact that they didn't get a fair shake however you may look at it.
  4. suicidesaints

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    While watching the show, it's easy to get enraged and feel like it was a set up, but after looking back on it, I can't help but feel like it was heavily one sided almost to the point of propaganda. The cops/judge absolutely tampered with evidence, falsified their story/timeline and flat out lied under oath, but I still have some inkling that Avery isn't as much of a victim as the series made him out to be. It would just be interesting to me (from a filmmaking standpoint) to show how the audience can be easily manipulated by only showing them certain things.
  5. ChaseTx

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    I only ever watched the first three episodes because these things are too damn long. I need to get around to finishing though.
  7. airik625 Aug 12, 2016
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    So that has to mean Avery is next, right? Considering the basis of Dassey's conviction was reliant upon Avery's guilt?

    Brendan needs to make sure he isn't anywhere near the state of Wisconsin when he sues them for everything they have.
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  8. OhTheWater

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    Holy shit
  9. SteveLikesMusic

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  10. AelNire Aug 12, 2016
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    I'm glad.

    EDIT: this post was insensitive so I edited it bc I was a jerk.
  11. jkauf

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  13. a nice person

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    God I hope not
  14. AelNire

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  15. SmithBerryCrunch

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    Calling him "so stupid it's heartbreaking"

    This is fucking awesome. Always wanted something to happen with them but never thought it actually would. Very happy for Brendan.
  16. AelNire

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    I guess it was a little insensitive. I'm just saying he went to jail bc he wasn't very smart about it.
  17. Joel

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  18. RyanPm40

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    Thank God. I still question Avery, but everything done to Dassey was so wrong. It makes me so sad for how long he's been in there and that he still has to be there for 90 days, and who knows what else if the court of appeals decides to prosecute again.

    Anybody who convinces someone with a clear mentally handicap to involuntarily confess to murder deserves a special place in Hell. They ruined this poor kid's life without giving a flying f*ck.
  19. a nice person

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    I genuinely believe he is guilty. Dassey? Not nearly as much, although it's quite possible he had a small role in it. Dassey is very stupid, and Avery most likely manipulated him into helping.
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  20. cryates

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  21. jkauf

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    People realize Dassey has a low IQ (wouldn't be shocked if at least a bit of autism as well), right? Using the term "stupid" is in incredibly poor taste in general, and epecially with everything he's had to suffer through.
  22. AelNire

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    I apologized so...
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    Oh. No one was quoted so I just assumed he was talking about me.
  24. jkauf

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    Haha, no, meant the other person, sorry.
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