Main Attrakionz - 808s & Dark Grapes III Album

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  1. Fucking Dustin

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    Produced by Friendzone

    1. Shoot The Dice (feat. Shady Blaze)
    2. G.O. Style (feat. Robbie Rob, Dope G, & Lo Da Kid)
    3. Dip
    4. Spoken Jewelz
    5. Ain't No Other Way
    6. Cycles
    7. My Story
    8. Right Now
    9. Summa Time
    10. Green Ova Diamond
    11. G.O. All I Know
    12. Two Man Horror Film (feat. Shady Blaze)

  2. Fucking Dustin

    Ok cool Supporter

    This is the first album I'd ever want played both at my wedding and my funeral so decided it was topic worthy