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Mae to Release 3xLP

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Mae are releasing their three EPs from 2009 on a 3xLP set. Pre-orders will go up today at 12:00pm PDT.

    Track Listing

    1. Good (M)orning
    2. The Fisherman Song (We All Need Love)
    3. The House That Fire Built
    4. Boomerang – Two Birds
    5. A Melody, A Memory
    6. Night Day
    7. Over And Over
    8. The Fight Song (Crash and Burn)
    9. In Pieces
    10. The Cure
    11. Falling Into You
    12. Communication
    13. A Quiet (E)vening
    14. Bloom
    15. I Just Needed You To Know
    16. My Favorite Dream
    17. Sleep Well
    18. Seasons

  2. gbuffers


    Desperate for an Everglow repress.

    This is cool though.
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  3. CMilliken


    Definitely preordering this today! Waiting until March is a buzzkill, but I'd rather wait than not get this at all. Still waiting on those Everglow preorders to go up too.
  4. CMilliken


    It's happening! Preorders should rollout sometime this fall.
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  5. tape_deck_heart


    I've spent so much on records lately but I think I need this. Also dying to get the Everglow if/when it gets repressed.
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  6. thecobrakais


    i was really hoping this news wouldn't get posted. with only 300 available, i'm nervous that i'm going to miss out. going to do my best to get it ordered as soon as it goes up for sale.
  7. CMilliken


    Head over to The Everglow is coming in November.
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  8. Serenity Now

    deliver us from e-mail Supporter

    Cool design/color scheme.

    What does a 3xLP mean? Is it just 3 12" records with songs on both sides or something more novel?
  9. efp722


  10. metallikunt

    I'm in love with the ordinary

    Damn, was really hoping they'd have the track times! That way I could figure out if the few tracks they left out got incorporated even a little bit. Bummed that Good (E)vening isn't on there as the last song. I love that they included the Seasons tracks as one song but Good (E)vening brings the whole trilogy full circle and loops back to the start. I always get chills when I hear that song, so if they left it off then this is gonna bum me out! Been waiting years for this to happen though .... I don't know what to do! I really want this but it's not complete :(
  11. Brent

    Trusted Prestigious

    It's up. $50.
  12. metallikunt

    I'm in love with the ordinary

    Between it being $55 with shipping and not knowing if that last song is on there, I'm out. Been waiting years for this too. Oh well!
  13. thecobrakais


    i just preordered. instand download of the whole thing. sounds AMAZING.

    FYI - the last track "seasons" is 13 minutes. And it also sounds like they've worked the songs that aren't listed into the other tracks. appears to all be here. do yourself a favor and order this.
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  14. thecobrakais


    Good Evening is on there. It's worked into Sleep Well.
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  15. quietwords

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    Wish I could afford this. Bummer!
  16. efp722


    Yup. Just ordered. Hands down, (m)(a)(e) is may favorite release by them. This is when Mae went full Mae.

    Really happy I got in early and ordered.
  17. Jim186


    Yea, everything that was included on the original EPs is included on this. It's all reworked and some of the tracks have transitions built into their start or end. The remixing and remastering sounds incredible. This is a no-brainer for me. Also, quick update - looks like they've updated the site to say 500 original pressings now.
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  18. efp722


    interesting yeah, definitely said 300 earlier.

    Stoked to download this tonight and give the new mixes/masters (and apparently new versions?) a listen!!
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  20. Sweet! I also viewed those two as one song, anyway.
  21. CMilliken


    The original 300 sold out in under 10 minutes. Glad I got my copy as soon as they went up!
  22. The former.

    So need for something novel when the songs already cover that ;)
  23. Shucks! Happy I didn't miss it. I saw Schematic's post on Instagram at 2:44 Central and freaked out that I forgot to hop on and order right at 2:00
  24. tape_deck_heart


    Damn, thanks for the information! Signed up to be alerted when it goes on sale. Also ended up pulling the trigger on this preorder, looking forward to getting out of work and listening.
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  25. hermanthehermit

    Paris, Texas Climate Accord Supporter

    I really hope this last until tonight. Can't order until then :(