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Mad Men Rewatch 2017

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by TJ Wells, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. TJ Wells

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    So I was inspired to make this thread when I saw Jason and a couple other forum members talking about how they really wanted to do a rewatch of Mad Men. I'm certainly in the same boat. Certainly, this could just be discussed in the main Mad Men thread, but I thought it could be fun to have a separate thread, especially if we could come up with some kind of schedule. Considering the amount of days left in 2017 (286) to the amount of episodes there were produced of the show (92), to finish by the end of the year, we would have to watch approximately 3 episodes a week, which coincidentally seems like a totally doable number.

    I'm gonna leave this thread up, see what you guys think. I'm going to get it started as well, with the next post. If no one responds, I'll take that as a sign no one else is interested and just delete this thread.
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  2. TJ Wells

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    The 2017 Mad Men Rewatch:
    Week 1 - 3/20/2017-3/26/2017

    Season 1, Episode 1: "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
    D: Alan Taylor
    W: Matthew Weiner

    Season 1, Episode 2: "Ladies Room"
    D: Alan Taylor
    W: Matthew Weiner

    Season 1, Episode 3: "Marriage of Figaro"
    D: Ed Bianchi
    W: Tom Palmer
  3. VanMastaIteHab

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    I'm SO in. Got this blu-ray set for Christmas and I'm in season 2 of my re-watch but I'll just start over. Hell, I've been watching with commentary, and almost every episode has TWO commentary tracks so this will give me a chance to listen to the ones that I didn't pick the first time.
  4. TJ Wells

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    I've been inspired to do this so many times I think I've probably seen the pilot nearly a dozen times.
  5. Morrissey


    I actually rewatched it recently. I finished just a week ago or so. The early seasons still feel really rough compared to the second half of the show, but overall it confirmed the high quality overall. One thing that sticks out throughout is the cheapness overall; due to budget, they almost never shoot outside because of the costs of making it look time-period correct. Obviously, this is not Mad Men's fault; The Wire and The Sopranos can use much cheaper modern locations, and Deadwood was brought down by the costs of making a realistic fake time-period specific town. Similarly, the explosion at the end of the first season is extraordinarily bad, straight out of a Nineties action movie.

    The ending is close to perfect, which took some time for people to get used to. Lane Pryce becomes a more interesting character when you know his later troubles. It is fun watching villain Pete in the first season knowing how he changes, and how Harry goes from the most moral of the younger men to the most craven.
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  6. BackyardHero11


    I've only seen most of the first season, whole show was on demand when one of the seasons was coming back, but then it got removed before I finished and I never went back. I've always heard such great things and I loved The Sopranos. is this on Netflix or something?
  7. VanMastaIteHab

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    Yupp, on Netflix.
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  8. fronkensteen


    I don't know if I can fully contribute, but I'm always down to do a rewatch. Best show ever.
  9. TJ Wells

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    * I love Betty telling Sally to make sure to hang up the clothes that were in the dry cleaning bag that is currently threatening to suffocate her.
    * Maybe it's just because I know what a well-oiled machine the show will become, but Sal seems like such a caricature.
  10. Sold.
  11. TJ Wells

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    I figure this can be pretty casual. I'll just update the main post every Monday with the next three episodes and people can just have whatever discussions they want in the thread.
  12. Joel

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    Probably gonna join in as I've regrettably never watched before
  13. oldjersey

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    DAMN wish this gained some steam, i've been blowing through a rewatch and am missing talking about it with people so much.
  14. tucah

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    Aw, must have missed this the first time around, thought this was a new thread and thought "hey, I could probably rewatch Mad Men."
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  15. dash64

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    Same here, maybe I'll still try to rewatch. I just prefer to rewatch shows like this with someone who has never seen it.
  16. jorbjorb

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    Started the rewatch last night. Episode 1 is amazing.
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  17. jorbjorb

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    Can't believe I'm almost done my second viewing of this show. It is truly amazing. Really got kind of emotional when the song "everyday" started playing after Don gave his car to that kid.

  18. Professor Plumbob

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    I think I’ve only gotten through season one so I’ll jump in and experience it like this. I’m not gonna flip if I get spoiled lol

    (Oh wait this is 2017, 2018 please?)