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    Watching this for the first time, I can't believe I've never watched before this is really great. On season 2
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  4. RaginCajun


    it made amc a real station. walking dead, breaking bad, and all the rest have don draper to thank.
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    I kind of hate most or the characters but feel for them too kind of like succession on HBO. Also cool seeing a few people I've seen on other shows in this probably where they got their start.
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    Probably forgettable but I can't believe Duck just left Chauncey outside the building
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    Definitely not forgettable. That scene is so good
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    I've been re-watching this with my wife every night lately. This show is just so watchable. The characters are so interesting and complex, and the historical context of everything adds a lot to the show.
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    Hmm breaking bad only started 6 months after Mad Men so I'm sure it was in production before Mad Men ever started airing. But yeah, both shows really helped boost AMC
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    This show is a vortex and time machine. It’s essentially perfect. Enjoy.
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    Well that was a great show. I don't know how I feel about the ending but it's definitely overall one of the better shows I've watched.

    Also as Sally aged I realized she's Sabrina lol